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TheElderScrolls5 - Noob Tips from a Noob

I started playing ESO at the beginning of the year, and I’ve learned a lot that I think might be helpful to new players, especially since many of the guides I see are focused on fast leveling and end-game builds. I hope this helps and offers some quick insight to any new or casual players!

Game Options

  • Auto-loot: Set up auto-loot in Options so you can stop sitting through loot animations and save tons of time. There’s even special options for Stealing so you don’t accidentally auto-steal stuff.
  • Interface NPCs: If you’re having trouble spotting the Banker or a Merchant, turning these on adds a much easier to see Name and Profession above NPCs to help you quickly track down the right person.
  • Interface Bars: Turning on Damage Numbers and the Life Bars of NPCs and enemies can be a huge insight, especially if you’re not sure how difficult an enemy is, or if you need to know when an enemy drops below a certain % so you can spam your execute ability.


  • If you’re running low on Skill points, doing the “Main” quests with the special markers are a great way to farm Skill Points. You stop earning skill points naturally at Level 50, and some Questlines like Coldharbor and Clockwork city hand skill points out rather generously.
  • The first time you do a dungeon you can earn a skill point, this is a great way to get some extra points.
  • PVP achievements can also net you Skill Points, though these were unpredictable from my experience.
  • You can save loot containers rewarded from PVP and Dungeons to open when you’re a higher level. Once they’re opened, the loot gets locked in, even if you don’t pull the items out.
  • You can see what’s in a container marked “Steal From” without getting in trouble. I find this useful for peaking into houses to find Recipes and Motifs, then only needing to Sneak and Steal when I actually find something valuable.
  • Activity Finder is a great way to quickly do your Daily Dungeon and Daily PVP match, which are both available at Level 10 and will level you very fast.
  • Also, you will earn the PVP Battlegrounds daily bonus if your team is in first or second place, but if there is a tie for 1st place or for 2nd place, all teams will earn it.


  • Unlock the Fighters Guild line as soon as you can, this will level up based on certain monsters that you kill
  • To my knowledge, Mages Guild and Undaunted skill lines track regardless of whether you’ve joined them or not, so if you’re not in any rush for these skills, they can wait – though the Mages Guild does a valuable Passive for the Persuade option in conversations.
  • Mages skill line is leveled by purple glowing Lorebooks you find in the world
  • Undaunted skill line is leveled by Achievements you earn in Dungeons (and I think Delves?)
  • Psijic skill line is leveled by closing portals as part of their quest line, and is much easier to do once you have the waypoints unlocked for ALL zones. It takes a couple quests to get this skill line, but unlocking this is worth it solely for the chance to randomly come across Psijic portals with rare loot.


  • I didn’t really explore the Collections -> Sets area until I was later in the game, but it’s a very useful place if you’re interested in farming some gear for a specific character or build.
  • The Zone sets you find can be farmed, but different pieces come from different places in the game. Dolmens, World bosses, Delves, Public Dungeons, etc. If you’re looking for a specific piece and can’t find it, you may need to find which specific area it spawns from.
  • 2 Handed Weapons count for 2 parts of a set, but certain set bonuses will not be active if you switch between your Main and Backup bar, depending on how those set bonuses work.
  • Monster Sets (2 piece set of Helmet and Shoulder) are very powerful – Helmets are unlocked through Veteran dungeons, and the Shoulders unlocked through Undaunted Daily quests that become available at Level 45.
  • Veteran Dungeons give Epic rarity for Set items dropped, so if your character is strong enough to run them, it’s a great way to farm for items that you need or to collect better resources for deconstructing.


  • While certain end game items or styles might entice you, I personally haven’t found great value out of buying and spending gems. Unlocking DLC and the rewards that comes with it can be useful, but many of these can be unlocked through ESO Plus.
  • ESO Plus is absolutely worth the money if you’re going to play long term. Aside from the part that it’s incredibly difficult to store tons of Crafting materials without it, it opens up all the DLC zones and many useful quests and skill lines.

I’m adding crafting last because I know not everyone is interested, but many are things I wish I knew from the start.


  • Researching traits for Equipment can take months, and is worth splitting across multiple characters. If you’re like me, I got excited when I learned I could craft powerful sets by finding special crafting stations out in the wild, but then was disappointed that many of these require a certain number of traits to be already researched. The one I wanted to craft needed 6 traits, which meant I needed all pieces I wanted to craft to have 6 traits researched for each.
  • Follow-up to the above, split researching across different characters if you can – like Light armor vs Medium armor, One Handed weapons versus Two Handed Weapons, etc.
  • The 3rd passive for reducing research times grants you the ability to research 3 pieces at a time, and is absolutely worth getting as soon as it’s available.
  • Deconstructing has a chance to grant Improvement materials of the item’s rarity, so if you have to choose between researching a Green item (Fine) versus a Purple item (Epic), always choose the lesser one so you can deconstruct the higher rarity item. The item level doesn’t make a difference in this as far as I know.
  • If you have lots of crafting materials, you can speed up your Crafting skill lines through Daily Crafting writs found in the bigger cities. You can also buy these in bulk from Guid Stores. Do note that the Writ will ask you to craft items based on your crafting skill in that specific tree.
  • Many builds use Monster sets for the Helmet and Shoulders, so if you need to prioritize research items, you can generally leave those for last.
  • Equipment and Weapon Crafting Materials spawn based on your Character’s Level and your crafting Skill. If your character is CP 160 but your Blacksmithing Skill is Level 1, you’ll spawn Rubedite Ore (CP-150 to CP-160)

I hope this gives some pointers that help anyone new, and if there are other tips (or corrections) I’d be glad to hear them!

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