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Hello, I've been playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends since it came out of Beta. I like this game a lot, more than any other card games that I've played.

This is going to be a long post.

First of all, I'm a casual player who's enjoying his Mage Rank (9) bottom games, full of non-meta decks, unexpected combos and so on. Of course, some people may play strong meta decks which is fine by me. I don't play a lot – about 3-5 games a day and, usually, I don't play same deck. Making decks with my stupid ideas and then trying them in Ranked or Casual is something I like a lot. Sometimes I even win.)

Stories: I enjoyed every story expansion so far. In fact, story expansions're my favourite content. I'm a TES fan, after all. Not such a hardcore fan, since I haven't played Arena and Daggerfall, without even mentioning Shadowkey and Redguard.

Arena: My favourite game mode after stories. Every weekends I have a couple of Arena runs. I must have that Gladiator title! Those who already do, have my respect.

I like overall gameplay, card art, visuals and cool special effects, special voicelines that proc at last gasp/plot (not sure if we need voicelines that proc on slay or not). Sometimes, I enjoy slower control games… and, sometimes – FULL FACE! aggro. Also I like game's economics and I've nothing against the quests.

Prophecies: That's nice unique mechanic and shouldn't be reworked. Maybe, expanded or tweaked – that'd be nice.

Community here's really nice and helpful. Content creators're great: Hiking Emeric's videos're original, funny and on point (favourite channel), Sprashgrad's compilations were cool. There're others entertaining and educating streamers, but I only watched a couple of their uploads (Charm3r, ianbits, Warriors7, Justin Larson, Lazergician and so on). First

was hilarious.

Judging from many posts in this subreddit, people're somehow repelled by certain cards and classes/houses. Of course, I've played against those, however I'm not on top ranks and I don't match against them most of my games, which doesn't influence me as much. I consider those just as annoyances in my matches. Squish, Ramp/Rage/Slay Warrior're major annoyances for me, Conscription Telvanni and Tribunal are minor. Still, I'm fine with playing against those as long as there're other decks in my matches. I've nothing much against aggro, after all, it's their point. Also, I get an impression that many may've been unsatisfied with patch changes. Those're justified, in my opinion, however the Indoril Mastermind's overjustified a bit.) We'd also like to see more changes (as someone in this subreddit mentioned Squish power restriction), but, I suppose, Sparkypants know better.


What bothers me the most is too much card draw, especially Telvanni and Hlaalu one. It's just more than enough. Houses' decks already have access to many dual-attribute cards to compensate inconsistency, however giving them access to almost unlimited (I'm a bit overestimating, alright) card draw is disgusting. Managing one's precious little recources is something this game was about earlier, as one good player had said.

"Well originally there was a lot less draw and cycle and resource extension in general which meant squeezing as much value (or whatever) out of each precious card you had was much more important. There were no cards to card-wise cheaply filled the board or refilled your hand

It was a more board based game where you could literally count the cards in each players hand to decide who was winning a control match and life was a more precious resource in aggressive ones" (Burn)

"Too much draw slapped on bodies for such a low cost, lack of disruption(mostly due to lack of instants), not enough versatility in cards for a bo1 game" (anon)

My humble casual person's completely satisfied with RNG cards, be it Mudcrab Merchant or Suran Pawnbroker, Telvanni Arcanist, Shalk Fabricant (yay!) and Battlemage's Onslaught etc. If they're boasting high winrate, though, people at Bethesda could always increase their cost or reduce stats. Still, I expect, we won't go high RNG as HS.

Also, I'm perfectly fine with 50+ card decks as well.

Finally, I'd like to come to things we wish:

We already know from CVH and SparkyDeckard that a new expansion's underway, so there's nothing I can add.

More cosmetics would be nice as well. TES:L already has other avatars, like the ones used in campaigns. What's better is that they already have cool unique replies/emotes, especially the Sotha Sil one in the Clockwork City campaign. That's far from any other urgent features, however it may be one that developers're already considering (it could be paid content, as should).

Chaos Arena and Gauntlets're cool things that we all had quite a lot of fun with, even though some of us went 0-12.) That, we hope, is coming soon as well.

Please, expand already existing mechanics, like Treasure Hunt, especially Treasure Hunt. As well as cards similar to Wild's Incarnate/Triumphant Jarl, that consider if you have more/less runes/health or none at all.


Last, and the most important things are, of course, certain cards I'd like to see in this game, the sooner the better.

  1. Reworked Jerall Forager, pretty please (someone already mentioned in this subreddit giving her Treasure Hunt).
  2. There's someone who's been in every TES game since Morrowind and we all want him in Legends as well: M'aiq the Liar. This one is a must, in my opinion. Not in the next expansion, for that'd be impossible at this point. Thus, hopefully, in the one after, but, please – it's really important.
  3. Maybe, you could also add Lusty Argonian maid as a card, however I'm not sure how you'd make her. Hopefully, people in the comment section would provide some great ideas.

I enjoy this game a lot and I'm going to continue playing it in the foreseeable future. Therefore, I'd like it to continue growing. Thank you for your attention.

P. S. I'm really grateful to Sparkypants for what they have done with the new client. Thanks a lot.

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