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Not sure what I’m doing “wrong” here…

TheElderScrolls12 - Not sure what I'm doing "wrong" here...

First, sorry to leave the title off like that.

Ever since I got CP points I tried getting a little meta and doing some research here and there, trying to maximize what I could for the best of class and my skills. Yet, before then, I was throwing points into skills like one would throw dollar bills on the stage. It feels like I was doing so much more then, than I am now and it feels real bad cause I'm actually trying.

My class is a DK, as for what kind, currently all stam (all attribute points).
My skills utilize bow and 1h, some other DK skill also.
My ults are the bow ult (damn is it a good one, so much damage) and magma armor where I become extremely hard to kill even from most world bosses.

I will admit, my armor sets aren't great as I'm really scattered on what I want. (though the rating is 3/4 stars so it's not "bad")

My CP focuses (only around 170 atm) on stam recovery, crit damage, and equally spilt between physical and elemental damage resistance.


My armor focuses on medium as it increases crit and makes me sonic.

I know it's an RPG and you play how you want but I want to max what I can, how I can. (Also that goes so far in dungeons and the like.) I'm not much of a PvPer as my PC can hardly run the game in prime time (most times) and BGs are pretty cancer anyways. I'm not afraid of respecing as I've done many times to maximize all my skills (getting a feel for all the types of combat) though I dislike RS a lot so it's not 50. A discussion would be neat or just a list of what one would or could focus on. As funny as those "You're not maxed level already and not doing max ? Noob!" remarks are they offer no insight, what's the point of calling someone in a dungeon if you don't offer any helpful advice.

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