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Nvidia Low Latency / AMD Radeon Anti-Lag: Very nice driver features for ESO

TheElderScrolls5 - Nvidia Low Latency / AMD Radeon Anti-Lag: Very nice driver features for ESO

This year, AMD and Nvidia released a new setting in their driver control panels that reduces the time it takes for your keyboard and mouse input to be reflected on the screen.

This setting is called AMD Radeon Anti-Lag for those with an AMD graphics card. For those with Nvidia hardware, it's called Nvidia Low Latency.

How to enable

First, ensure you're running the very latest graphics driver for your video card. You can download the appropriate driver from
amd - Nvidia Low Latency / AMD Radeon Anti-Lag: Very nice driver features for ESO,, or using an app like GeForce Experience. Older drivers won't have this capability.




Try it with ESO and see! Here's what I've observed:

  • Camera panning is much more responsive. The camera moves to where I point with my mouse with a lot less wait time, making the game feel snappier.
  • While typing, keystrokes register faster.
  • When using abilities, you see your abilities' effects rendered on the screen ever so slightly sooner.
  • It's way easier to pick locks because the lockpicking mechanism relies on very fast responses to the "wiggle" when it's time to release the mouse button to lock in the pin. I've never failed a single pin on any lock since enabling this mode; even Advanced locks are trivial now.



None so far that I've found, except framerates appear to be about 1-2% worse than normal. Your mileage may vary. If you already have decent framerates, this won't make it much worse. If your framerates are generally terrible, you won't notice any difference, because 1% of 20 is less than 1 FPS difference, but 1% of 100 is a whole frame per second… so the less your average FPS is right now, the less you'll notice the framerate hit.

I can still hit 100 FPS in some scenes with my RTX 2080 Ti, so it's not like there's some really horrible impact to framerate. It's minor. But again, if you have different hardware, you may have a better or worse experience. Some people have claimed this improves your framerate. It doesn't. But it may feel like your framerate is higher, because the game responds to your input sooner!

Just a little tip that may help you enjoy ESO a bit more on a PC. Also, sorry Mac users, I don't think these anti-lag features are available on Mac for any hardware.

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