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Of Altmer Superiority and why Do I consider them by FAR the greatest threat to Nirn

TheElderScrolls4 - Of Altmer Superiority and why Do I consider them by FAR the greatest threat to Nirn

High elven individuals in general and Society in whole. Tis in their nature. In every fantasy realm, The Elder scrolls universe is not an exception to the rules portrays an elf as what Human should have been, Physically,Mentally ,Spiritually Ascended being with powerful connection to nature or spiritual realm.

Which means they strive for perfection,domination. There constant thirst for knowledge ad eagerness has made them exceptionally advanced which is such a mentality is a lethal combination with a genius level of intellect.

Furthermore they have indeed very long live thus gives incredible amount of time to perfect themselves in multiple fields ranging from Alchemy,Warfare,Magic use,Craftsmanship,Mastery in wide variety of arts that other races will never be able to achieve ,another fact that cannot be denied nor argued. Pure logic here. Longevity ,time to perfect that sole individual is not capable to achieve in one short little life.

Your average High Elf Warrior,Mage or an Archer is far far greater In combat and excels in every way imaginable. If certain High elf greatly desires to beat someone they will do it tis a matter of time and High elves have all time in the world as once more is mentioned. By the TIME your average Imperial gets old and dusty , Superior Altmer are on constant vigilance sharpening their already near-perfect skills,Evolving in body&Mind as close one can possibly achieve.

Altmer are the greatest intellectuals with unmatched Magic affinity and Magic,sorcery was always the true strength that unlocks pretty much limitless power and experimenting with magic can often save planet or cause utter ruination and devastation.

Psijic order alone is capable to stop Deadric intrusion on its own or shut own entire Summerset Isles with barriers that nobody bare few from Dark Elves will be able to comprehend.

History teaches us how incredibly Island can be to invade and on top if it High elves have mightiest Navy. Who controls sea control the world or at least has enormous advantage bare in mind, Tamriel is but one continent only

High Elven Kings/Queens Kin-Lords and Ladies,Cannonreave,Commanders ,Other High ranking officials,Advisors,Tacticians etc, will use strategy to overcome odds that once more other cannot or do not know how to execute being logistical nightmare.

Altmer share borders with none with Fleet and raiding looting other ships port cities expect endless supply or resources, not to mention they would be left in peace undisturbed in the own land re supplying and recovering.

If High elves want they can block an access from anyone. It is impossible even if Ebonheart pact and Covenant ally all of them combined wont be able to touch the soil.

Thalmor/Some crazed High elven Queen or King or may it be extremely powerful mage or organisation. We know how close Thalmor were, not even Empire was able to defeat them ,even weakened Elves were barely stop by Redguards in inhospitable deserts of Hammerfell.


By sake of balance,writers and Queens Good will twas not an alternate scenario. Their fleet could disable trade and block all traffic in every major region.

Swords,bows are rendered useless against extreme spells. There may be only Master Wizards of great houses of Morrowind that could withstand and held against them for certain period of time, few of them are considered to be equal ,maybe some exceptions.

Fleet+Mage users is the core of Altmer then comes the Masterful Army the field cladedd in full plate armor with highest quality weapons and ruthless,yet so precise and

High elven Doctrine is frightening, they care not for other races, Either submit or die. Impossibly cruel as well should they wish they will use any way to extract information or devise a way of torment to break the soul of individual which gives them power of fear yet there is but one race that could resist High elven invasion but only to end in stalemate ,

Dummer or Morrowind All thanks to the Divine three and their Volcanic wasteland terrain filled with ash and dangerous flora,fauna. Their Gods could stop them from conquering Morrowind,but that is only ultimately they would be surrounded,weakened and destabilized. Every race would be either wiped out ,enslaved or forced to sign a treaty and prepare for occupation effectively submitting.

All that Alliance war is stupid and needless , there are other ways, excluding the direction in which developers went its safe to say if Altmer wanted they could have dominated entire Tamriel except Morrowind or Clockwork city, Heart of Argonia might have been one exception too but yet again Elves are very highly resistant to disease, plus what is the use of it. They can scourge the entire jungle.

Entire Tamriel would be united under one banner except Morrowind, You can visualise eternal conflict between Elves and Deadra unless some other race from distant corner attempts to invade as Akaviri did in ages long past.

Its only a matter of time. Deadra are Gods their powers,influence or minions are not included on the list nor in any fairness I want to compare them to Altmer.

Indeed and Altmer females are by far most naturally beautiful. Alas, well I am sorry to Disappoint but High elves shall always be the most intelligent,powerful,civilized,creative, multi versed, gorgeous and inspirational,stylish, that many shall never even be able to comprehend.

They also have most gorgeous architecture too , what else they do not have. High elves are what every other race is hoping and dreams to be!

By Limbstaria Storm-Lady of Sunhold

16th Sun's Dawn 2E 853 Summerset,Nirn

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