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On Abom and Nerfs (word wall)

TheElderScrolls15 - On Abom and Nerfs (word wall)

I've seen a lot of opinions on both reddit and in twitch about Abom in the tournament today and I wanted to put a few things out there.

  1. On the topic of "the tournament organizers should have banned the deck." You don't ban cards or decks from tourneys unless they're bugged or unintended interactions or interact with the format in an unfair way (for instance, I was in favor of a ban on nix ox solely because the format for the tournies at the time was no ban, if there were bans, I'd have no problem even though that was an actual tier 0 deck). You don't ban decks unless there's no other option. Period.

  2. It hasn't dominated the tournament. It's been one of the best decks, but the reason it's won the past 3 is because the people involved used it very specifically in their lineup to bait bans to strengthen their other decks. These 3 players, in Frenzy, Superthx and Ksedden represent some of the best tournament players the game's ever seen and know how to build lineups. In the first tournament (before the standard abom list was public), Thuldir did the same thing in his lineup with Burn Assassin to bait bans.

  3. The deck is incredibly stupid and incredibly uninteractive. It doesn't belong in the game. I'll make that clear. But it's not tier 0. Some people would debate that it isn't even tier 1. You have a lot of bias in the results because the deck has a learning curve and thus a significant number of players, who just don't have time because of work/life/responsibilities, don't play the deck. Essentially the only people playing the deck are good players who put a large amount of time into learning it.

  4. Petamax's argument, made in twitch chat, that they knew Scout Abom was a thing and thus shouldn't have printed Transitus Shrine is sound and, in my opinion, the only valid criticism about this. You can argue they shouldn't have printed shrine. Fair, and I agree with that. They knew Scout Abom was a thing and this was instantly what came to people's minds. You CANNOT say "they should have nerfed it before the qualifiers" as some were saying in twitch chat because this deck probably had less than 100 total games on the ladder before the qualifiers started. Myself and a few other people came up with the list individually but there were probably less than 10 people who believed it was a legitimate competitive deck. You can't make balance changes with a sample size that small as the devs, it's idiotic and short sighted.

  5. I'm someone who sort of prides myself on maintaining a critical eye. I have been critical of the devs and card designers of this game, at some points to an unfair degree. But the comments made by people about this are completely ludicrous. The idea that Abom means the devs don't care about the game or that anyone is incompetent is fucking stupid and people pushing that narrative have no idea what they're talking about. Due to a major tournament happening, this deck's spread was delayed a LOT as people laddered less and did private practice sessions a lot more. 2 weeks ago, people were calling this deck straight up bad, even some of the people playing it. The devs aren't slacking. They just didn't overreact right away and make an impulsive change.

  6. With all of that said, they should definitely revert course and make balance changes before the last chance qualifier. If they can't do that from a technical standpoint as they've brought up, they should make the incoming nerfs known ASAP and the nerfed cards could be selectively banned from the LCQ on the basis that they would have already been changed had it been feasible from a dev time standpoint

  7. Seriously guys, stop being dicks

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