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Read to the end if you want my detailed view on this, TL;DR be nice in zone, not everyone knows about fully looting chests snd its benefits

So, I see a lot of people in zone saying "loot the whole effing chest!" In a more angry manner, or just out right rude lol. I came back to see this in chat avout the chests. I was joking around a bit, saying I'll never loot chests! Mwahhahahaa! But in reality, I do. I then mentioned in a more proper way that only rarely if I have ever been in a rush I don't always fully loot chests- NOW- read this next bit very carefully- I do not do this anymore as I know it us inconvinient As it happened about two times max. But here's my problem with calling people out in chat who don't fully loot chests.

  1. The person might be new and does not know/ didn't read any instructions This was with me. I didn't know chests took longer to despawn. I didn't up until like cp 700 when someone on reddit mentioned it. You may laugh. Being rude in zone chat might make a new person feel unwanted in the community, or just in general making them confused. No need to attack people or call them out of they do not know.

  2. They might be in a rush, or their dungeon popped during ready check. This happened to me. I had to get out the house because I lost track if time so I just logged out. Simple. It's not very nice for someone stumbling through that chest, but I was late. I also had a dungeon load screen pop just at that moment I was going to clear my inv. It happens. I don't normally do this, andI probably wont do it again. But the fact that people get so deffensive over one mistake. Why do I feel ashamed to even admit that happened? Just chill about it. Moral of the story for me: I learned that it'a best for other players to loot a chest fully now- so I do. One mistake over. I will admit, I shouldn't have worded it the way I did in chat, as it made me come off as I always never loot chests- which is not true.

  3. They might not realise. This one is why I usually double take after looting chests to see if they're fully gone. A new player might just run off after getting a purple staff they think looks cool and be off. This is why players who know that chests despawn longer after not being fully looted should be helpful to new players, and not write an angry fueled letter in zone like "dear idiots who dont loot chests fully stop because you are ruining my day, fuck you" (I saw something similar to this in glenumbra a couple months back) people who are new are going to think "wow what the heck". Just now in zone someone asked about chests and said "what do they do?" This is why we tell them.

These are a few examples on why a chest might not be fully looted. If you see a non fully looted chest, move on. This is not to excuse players who know better, I'm lookin at you 👀.

On actual selfishness and lack of concern for other players:

It is known that people do not always loot chests fully as they don't care for other players, we get it. If you are one of these players who knows chests despawn instantly once fullt looted, and do not fully loot them, please take a few minutes out of your game time to make inventory space or take the chest items for us treasure hunters. It is a small ask.

And foe the new guys out there, hi! If you need any help with the game please feel free to pm me. Chests despawn, or dissapear instantly after all items are looted. This is good as it takes less time for a new chest to spawn, and menbs more cool loot can come in for other people. Try your hardest to make inventort room by deconstructing or destroying items you won't be needing.

Thank you for reading this if you have come tjis far, I have kind of gotten a bit fed up seeing these "dear" letters in chat that seems more of a way to seem cool and like "Oh yeah! I JUST OWNED SOMEONE!" Instead of actual help lol.

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