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Only been playing for a couple of days and I want to share my thoughts

TheElderScrolls8 - Only been playing for a couple of days and I want to share my thoughts

I'm truly enjoying the game. This is my first time playing an MMO on a console (PS4) but I am actually really enjoying the controller. So far, there are more things that I'm loving than things that I am disliking.

What I love:

The graphics. I thought that nothing could come close to the beauty I witnessed in some of GW2's better zones. I still think that GW2 is a prettier game, but I am blown away by ESO's beauty and I have only been in two different zones. I'm a sucker for beautiful skies and mountains.

Nightblade. Very fun. I like the animations as well. I think I picked well.

Mounts. Much easier to access than I thought and my mount looks so awesome. It's like a red ethereal armored horse .

Quests. Much less braindead than what I experienced in GW2 and even DCUO. I am thoroughly invested and enjoying my quest, which is about the Euraxian queen.

The bounty system. It's awesome. I think it's really smart to be able to interact with NPCs and even be hunted by the law. I love it.


The community. This one was surprising. I've always heard that ESO had a less than friendly community and I've also lurked around the reddit for a bit and I certainly believed it. However, I literally only asked two questions and not only did I get answers, I got people helping without any conditions. The first time, someone created a sword for me and I only asked where I could buy a new weapon. They proceeded to send me many lockpicks. Then, I asked where I could buy a mount and someone asked me if I was new to the game. I said yes. She then proceeded to build gear for me, give me awesome looking weapons, 20k, a small tour around a city, and finally told me that there was a mount tab in the settings (and that's where I found out I already had mounts). So far, the community is exceedingly kind.

What I'm not loving:

The combat. It's a little slower than I would like it to be. It sometimes also feels like I'm not connecting. Anyways, it's certainly not as bad as people say. It's worse than DCUO or GW2's combat (IMO) but it's not bad.

The camera angle. Kinda wish I can rotate and zoom in on my character. Also wish I could center my character. Turns out you can through the settings.

No mute (as far as I know). I wish I could mute myself and remain in the voice chat. I'm using my own headphones to speak and they don't have a mute setting like most headsets.

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