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Opinion: Morrowind and Skyrim’s main plots are made for Dunmer and Nord respectively

TheElderScrolls11 - Opinion: Morrowind and Skyrim's main plots are made for Dunmer and Nord respectively

Hi there and I'd like to share with one thing that kinda annoys me in these two great games. First of all, I want to note, that these games are still great and I love them, but there is one thing I has to note… And I am sorry to note ("sorry" not like I'm apologize, but like I feel sad about such a truth too).

So, both Skyrim's and Morrowind's plots are based on some sort of the prophecy. In Morrowind we dealt with the prophecy about Nerevarine, in Skyrim – with the prophecy of Dovahkiin.

  • Nerevarine is the reincarnation of Nerevare, who was a Chimer, and Chimers are Dunmers in their future. It is a pretty clear statement that Nerevare is a hero of the one particular race.
  • Dovahkiin is a Dragonborn and it's little more complicated, hard-explainable, maybe because of pretty complicated schemes of who can be granted with the Dragon Blood. However, it is Nords who know everything about Greybeards, about Dragons at all, about Shouts, so I assume that Dovahkiin is more like a Skyrim's local thing than something global.

What does it mean… It isn't very good – that's what it means. In Oblivion there was no pressure on you if you want to be any race because you are not a prophecy hero – you're just a Blade on his/her main mission in the life. In Morrowind and Skyrim you are the main hero of the prophecy, and it feels pretty disrespectful to game's lore to play as Khajiit. These games are about local stuff, even though it has a big consequences for all the Tamriel. Yes, I know, that there's gonna be a lots of people who will say like "Man, you're taking it way too seriously, relax, install some NSFW anime mods". No, I'm not and thank you. The Elder Scrolls series is not Saints Row to play it like that.


And this is why I'm writing this post. After Fallout 76's failure (though it's a really good game, one of my favorites), Bethesda needs more feedback to create a decent The Elder Scrolls VI, I believe. So, guys, Todd, Pete or anyone who have connections with them and read it – please, make TES VI's plot universal for all the races as it was in Oblivion. Take Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag plot as an example – though it's called "Assassin's Creed", you're almost never a part of The Brotherhood, though it's represented in the game (and even deny you). Same can be here: your story can touch ancient stuff of the game's region, but you are only using it for your purposes, not it using you.

So, what do you think about all these ideas? I wrote this because I'm a little pissed off of Bethesda combining completely free-to-interact worlds with plots that border this freedom. I think that this should be changed, and even though you disagree, I guess that some sort of such an universality won't be bad.

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