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Opinion: Not using trial gear for endgame?

TheElderScrolls3 - Opinion: Not using trial gear for endgame?

I have a bow/bow StamDK. I have been trying all the "meta builds" I have seen, and sure they all work ok – more or less so. Then I got this crazy idea to combine two non trial sets, and I am doing constantly doing FIVE thousand more DPS with it (compared to any combination I've tried with trial set on), which is pretty (damn) noteworthy. I typically do like 66-74k damage on trial dummy depending on class and setups, on this I'm sniffing at precisely below 80k, and I could easily get there with right traits and gold jewelry, getting a perfect rotation etc.

Now, bow/bow StamDK's are a bit "situational". Running in a dungeon or where ever you meet lots of trash mobs, it doesn't really shine. It's when I can apply my dots, back out to get full (or more, at least) damage bonus from bow passives it really shines. Lethal Arrow crits (which it does more often than not) for between 55-60k as long as buffs are up etc. It's about what I get on my magblade with Spectral Arrow (which is only every five LA's, as you know) pre execute phase – and might add that I only have Robust purple jewelry so far, but thinking Infused/Bloodthirsty/Bloodthirsty would be my best bet.


Only been trying it on a few dungeons so far, and mainly at Harrowstorms tbf., but it's like blowing my socks off as it is now – when I start stacking those Snipes, health goes down at killer speed compared to anything I tried before.When 5-6 people have taken a witch pike down like 2/3 of it's health, I have taken one out ALONE already. I know "player quality" is perhaps not the best on randoms on Harrowstorms, but it's pretty damn strong. That's what I mean.

I am waiting eagerly to get my hands on this new Point Blank Snipe bow, and get a whopping 33% damage buff to my spammable, instead of maximum 12% when I back off as far as possible. Will likely make it a lot more viable, and of course stronger.

Question is: What is your opinion on NOT using any trial set whatsoever in "endgame content"? I have done all DLC dungeons on vet, most with HM, I have done the Craglorn trials + Meow of Lorkhaj on vet/hm, but I'm yet to get a place for doing the others.Is this Minor Slayer buff very vital, and would it multiply damage in a way I don't really get, and still be stronger? Or could it still be a viable alternative for vet trials and such? I know stamina at large is frowned upon in endgame content, unless it's a Necromancer and so on. But I mean like in general?

I'm holding on to the precise sets atm., because I kind of feel I don't want to see any nerfs etc.

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