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(OPINION) Please, Stop Using Meta Decks in Casual. It’s Not Fun to Play Against.

TheElderScrolls7 - (OPINION) Please, Stop Using Meta Decks in Casual. It's Not Fun to Play Against.

Disclaimer: I wish no hate for anyone actually playing these decks in causal, I just ask that you take those decks to ranked or play more fun and interactive decks in casual instead. Also, while everyone's opinion on "unfun" decks is different, any deck that is common in ranked – e.g. Control Tribunal, Conscription/Nix-Ox Telvanni, Aggro Warrior – are the decks I am referring to in this post.

As a newish player with an very incomplete collection (particularly due to my addiction to Arena), I often use casual as a means to test new decks and take my mediocre current decks to a less competitive environment. Unfortunately, I am been constantly been matched against the very decks I tried to escape from in ranked. While these decks are fair game in ranked, it is incredibly frustrating to play against these decks in casual, particularly when it is (in my opinion) completely unnecessary to play them in casual rather than ranked. Personally, I believe casual should be used for the following reasons:

  • To give newer players a less competitive environment to find their feet in the game.
  • To give players a safe place to test new decks.
  • As a forgiving place to play fun/meme decks.
  • To grind quests/win streaks,
  • As a way to simply escape the rigours of ranked.

Out of these, the only reason to use meta decks is to grind quests. In this case, there is no reason to bring these decks to casual over ranked – while the win rate might be slightly lower in ranked, this is compensated by being able to rank up and getting a higher rank at legend.

Please feel free to express your opinion or to debate some of the points I have made in the post. I am welcome to discussing any opinions presented in the post.

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