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Opinions of an Elder scrolls D&D 5e campaign

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So I'm making a campaign for D&D 5e and I have a plot for a campaign and want the opinions of the ES community ! The setting is set 20 years after the events of skyrim.

SKYRIM: The stormcloack took skyrim for their own with the aid of the Nord Dragonborn, unleashing his power of Thu'um on imperial scums. After the defeat of alduin and General tulius, The new high king ulfric and the dragonborn were growing supsicious of each other, and the dragonborn craved power. He took the life and place of ulfric, making himself high king, and instauring the Old Ways, a living philosophy for the kingdom of skyrim where non-nord are seen as lesser folks,and where dragon priests are back and the alliance with dragons too. Except this time, they bow to the Dragonborn and serve him and his people.

CYRODIIL: after the assassination of Titus Mede II and their defeat in skyrim, the empire is at its weakest. or thats what they tought. The Adlmeri dominion got wind of a secret feeling of the imperials wanting to pray talos and to rebel against them and decided to invade again the region of Cyrodiil. To add insult to injury, the Empress was kidnapped and has been missing for almost a year. The Capital of the empire is at stake, and they plan on conquering thre city. They even have a usurper, who bear the title of emperor in advance.

MORROWIND: The province of Moon and Star is ravaged by the argonians incursions and the Eruption of Red Mountain. But, with the years, the great house slowly but surely rebuild their strength, and the province. Two arrivals changed forever the region. First, The Nerevarine got back from the darkness with immense power, and people started worshiping him as they did with the old tribunal. He had preachers of his deeds, and followers who believed he was the fourth of the almsivi, the True Tribunal. Also, Vivec got back from his ''pilgrimage'', and did legendary deeds again, but this time as a humble hero with newfound strength. The two leaders saw rivalry in each others, and war broke loose. The resurecting morrowind is now torn, clans picking sides and fighting as armies.


HIGHROCK: in the province of Highrock, there is rumors of a mysterious cabale, a dark cult who raise the dead back from the grave. their purpose is unknown, and they seem to grow in power each day, as does the number of disapearances grow too.

The story is that the players are prisoners in Bruma prison, and they are being contacted by a representant of the High chancellor, giving them back their freedom and A LOT MORE (Thousands and thousands of septims, estate and titles, etc.) A few days after the offer, the city is lost to a siege by the nords, and they are free. The mission offered by the chancelor is to get back the empress and to prevent the lost of the capital and save the empire from anihilation. He want you to find 3 elder scrolls wich together have the power to go back in time not too far ago at a desired place and change the course of history. He want to use this as a mean to prevent the Ruby Throne to be conquered, so you need to find the Emperess and the 3 scrolls urgently for the Empire.


to make it short….

One scroll is in possession of the Cult in High rock, who are necromancers. They are the one who kidnaped the empress and want to use the scroll for a ritual to bring back Mannimarco (AGAIN) to rule (AGAIN) on the throne. the other one is in place of the earth of Lorkhan and brought it back in secret. Its as the tribunal again, and the nerevarine fell to its influence in a tragic treason, betraying once again Azura for personnal power and domination. the last one is in possession of the Dovahkin, who use is to get stronger, to dominate dragons and to never age. all of these scrolls can be combined in a ritual to go back in time to a moment only the gods decide.

So… what do you all think ?

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