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Overhaul Opinions on Enchanting

TheElderScrolls10 - Overhaul Opinions on Enchanting

Enchanting paper to make scrolls, staff making and good ole enchanting weapons and apparel should be encompassed by this skill

Items can be enchanted and recharged by the player using soul gems relying on their own skill at an arcane enchanting table or they can be enchanted and recharged by a mage offering his skill at high cost.

An item’s enchanted effects should be unknown on items you encounter

It’s a random item in a dungeon, why would you immediately know what effects (or side effects) it has unless…

  • You Equip/Use the item

  • Have an enchanting skill high enough to be able to detect the type of enchantment immediately.

  • You order a follower to equip/use it

  • You possess background knowledge of the item in question through quest, book lore, NPC, etc.

Before you go equipping everything you find, watch out, it could have negative effects instead.

Like the Ring of Burden in Oblivion or J’zargo’s scrolls in Skyrim, it should be most common to encounter enchanted trinkets and weapons that were made faulty by a novice enchanter, deliberately to harm someone or simply as a cruel prank. These can simply be referred to as cursed items.

There needs to be more differentiation between the use of black souls and white souls.

Enchanting gear with black souls should be powerful but tricky. Only the most skilled practitioners should be able to enchant gear with a black soul without any negative side effects.


Even then if the item breaks (Yes, weapons and armor should wear down and eventually break) the soul is freed and will attack you for trapping it (I think this was a feature in Daggerfall?) . You can trap the escaped soul and contain it within a soul gem again, however, you will need to enchant your weapon again after it is fixed DO NOT LET YOUR GEAR BREAK!

Different merchants pay different prices for your enchanted items

  • General merchants are skeptical of enchanted items and lowball you for any enchanted or cursed items

  • Arcane blacksmiths know what they’re doing and will pay higher prices for enchanted gear and significantly less for gear they know is cursed.

  • Mages, Court Wizards, Priests and the like will pay highest for enchanted items and cursed items for they would like to study them and, in the case of cursed objects, keep them from harming anymore people (nobody will pay much for a cursed item but they will pay most for the societal benefit)

Higher speechcraft can allow you to talk up your enchanted items to the merchant to sell for better prices (or con them into buying a cursed object) or as someone highly skilled in enchanting you are reputable enough to sell beneficially enchanted gear to general merchants at higher prices.

Like my post on Alchemy, these are my rough opinions on some of the aspects I’d like to see in Enchanting. I would like to hear what other people want to do with the enchanting skill.

Thanks for reading!

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