The Elder Scrolls

Overmonetization has begun!?

TheElderScrolls2 - Overmonetization has begun!?

The overabundance of rewards and ingame resources gained through a desperate try to create a healthy twitch community (to achieve and leverage network effects) has been drained by an array of special offers of old content.

Operating costs have been reduced by replacing the initial developer with a "passionate" no name. Let us ignore the new client for a minute.

Next the fueled thirst for new content of the community was and will be satisfied. Content that you can't afford to miss that is. There is a reason why the latest additions are outstandingly good. The race for a top card game contender is over. It is time to milk the community now. Maximum monetization, minimal costs.


Ten bucks for a single exclusive card (along with more worthless old content) is where i draw the line. Don't worry, i can afford it (yes, even with ingame gold) and yes, the game is free and yes, even festival of madness. But i won't reward this disrespectful behavior of Bethesda, one of the few devs i still treasure, by paying for their bait. The overmonetization pattern is rampant among mobile games and it seems to slowly creep in here. Tied exactly to what we are addicted to: New Content. Quantity over Quality (and soon balance). This isn't Direwolf. My alarm bells are ringing and i won't have it. I've seen this happen too many times already. Worry not, time will tell if i am right and i myself hope i'm not.

For now, goodbye meme-y community i love! Fellow Pilfermonks, may you walk in warm sands!

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