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PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.2.5 – Dragonhold & Update 24 Patchnotes

TheElderScrolls15 - PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.2.5 - Dragonhold & Update 24 Patchnotes

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Disclaimer: I left out the bugfix part and only kept the more interesting stuff, there is too much text and it would be an even greater mess to read than it already is.

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.5 and the Dragonhold DLC Game Pack, featuring the conclusion of the Season of the Dragon! Dragonhold introduces not only the new zone of Southern Elsweyr, but also adds two world bosses, two delves, and new Dragon Hunt areas (complete with fearsome Frost and Storm Dragons). We’ve also added several new collectibles, item sets, achievements, and titles for you to acquire.

The base game introduces our updated Activity Finder for dungeons and Battlegrounds, and also focuses heavily on the first part of the performance improvements for ESO with an overhaul of how memory is managed. Along with updating 3-piece item sets, you’ll find we’ve made several improvements to Wardens, Sorcerers, and Dragonknights in the realm of identity, adjusted some values of Damage over Time abilities, and more.

Note that due to the number of combat changes, we have reduced skill respecs to zero gold for one week until October 28 at 10am EDT. We hope you enjoy this latest update, which is approximately 3.81GB.


  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Dragonhold DLC Game Pack
      • New Zone – Southern Elsweyr
      • Season of the Dragon Finale
      • Rebuilding the Dragonguard Sanctum
      • Frost & Storm Dragons
      • New Item Sets
      • New Achievements, Titles & Collectibles
      • New Collectible Styles & Costume
      • New Motifs
      • Final Wing of the Hall of the Lunar Champion
    • Base Game
      • Updated Activity Finder
      • Memory Management Overhaul
      • Battleground Runner Weapon Outfit Styles
      • 3-Piece Item Set Updates
      • Alliance War Campaign Updates
      • In-Game Account Features
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • DLCs & Chapters
      • Clockwork City
      • Elsweyr
      • Horns of the Reach
      • Imperial City
      • Morrowind
      • Murkmire
      • Orsinium
      • Scalebreaker
      • Summerset
      • Thieves Guild
      • Wrathstone
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat & Abilities
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
      • Alliance War & PvP
      • Art & Animation
      • Audio
      • Combat & Gameplay
      • Crafting & Economy
      • Crown Store & Crown Crates
      • Dungeons & Group Content
      • Exploration & Itemization
      • Housing
      • Miscellaneous
      • Quests & Zones
      • UI
  • Known Issues
    • Combat & Gameplay
    • Miscellaneous


New Zone – Southern ElsweyrSouthern Elsweyr, a once prestigious and wealthy land built up around the trade routes of the shimmering moonlit waters of the Topal Sea, is now a mere shadow of its former self. The effects of the Knahaten Flu still linger throughout the province—an event that decimated most of the population and left it as a land of ruthless lawlessness filled with slavers and pirates. Now scorched lands, burnt buildings, and ruins of an era long passed cover the region of Pellitine leaving the citizens with little hope for the future. Yet the problems of old pale in comparison to its newest threats.

The Dragons have returned and ravage the lands with fire and chaos. With them, a cult led by a Khajiiti Dragon Priest has emerged and seeks to take advantage of the hopeless and lost. The walled remains of Senchal offer the only sanction to those who seek sanctum, but even those protections threaten to give way to the might of the Dragons. To give the people a chance, an ancient order must be reformed. One that will defend the people and fight to take back the land from the Dragons and their cult. Do you have the courage and might to reform the Dragonguard?

  • To visit Southern Elsweyr, navigate to the DLC tab of the Collections menu and accept the "The Dragon’s Lair" quest from the Zone DLC section.
  • From there, visit one of the capital cities of the alliance (Wayrest, Mournhold, or Elden Root) and seek out the Baandari Caravan to Senchal, located on your map.

Season of the Dragon FinaleIn addition to the DLC, the Season of the Dragon comes to its epic conclusion in Dragonhold! The combined forces of your allies from Northern and Southern Elsweyr must join together and put a stop to Kaalgrontiid’s ultimate plan hundreds of years in the making.

  • The Season of the Dragon Finale is unlike anything we’ve done in ESO thus far, and to ensure story continuity makes sense, this special questline will only become accessible once you’ve completed the main questline of both the Elsweyr Chapter and Dragonhold DLC.
  • You may do either questline in any order. Once both adventures have been completed, a messenger will arrive and put you on a certain path…

Rebuilding the Dragonguard SanctumOnce you have reformed the Dragonguard and found a base to call home, you can begin to rebuild the Dragonguard by completing the various quests found within the sanctum, including both main and daily quests. As you complete these quests, the Dragonguard will begin to grow with new allies and services appearing within the sanctum.

  • Some of the things you will unlock over time include:
    • A unique crafting station for the Ancient Dragonguard item set
    • An Achievement vendor
      • Those who help rebuild the Dragonguard Sanctum will gain access to a new achievement furnisher, who offers a number of Southern Elsweyr-themed furnishings for sale to the accomplished customer.
    • A quest to unlock a unique crafting component from dragons
      • Dragon's Rheum can be obtained by defeating from dragons after completing the "The Good Bits" quest, unlocked by helping rebuild the Dragonguard Sanctum.
  • After the Dragonguard is reformed, your progress in rebuilding the headquarters is tracked by the Dragonhold Quests achievement line beginning with “A Call to Arms”.

Frost & Storm DragonsFrost and Storm Dragons from the far reaches of Tamriel have come out of hiding. Drawn to Elsweyr by their brethren, these fearsome creatures bring unique and devastating destruction magic to bear on those brave enough to face them.

  • Frost Dragons summon fierce winter storms and cause frozen spears to burst forth from the ground. Storm Dragons call lightning from the skies and annihilate foes with fearsome blasts of shock magic.
  • Rumors of Dragons that manipulate the flow of time have also spread through the taverns and caravans of Elsweyr, as have tales of long-dead skeletons erupting from the earth to serve Draconic masters.
  • The creatures themselves have grown bolder, chasing enemies across the battlefield to rip into them with tooth and claw. Dragons tire of their environs and take to the skies when they are not engaged, so those who dare challenge them must be prepared to fight or give chase.
  • These new Dragons and Dragon behaviors are found in both Northern and Southern Elsweyr!

New Item SetsIn this update, there are 6 new item sets to obtain – 3 item sets that drop from Southern Elsweyr, and 3 crafted sets.

  • Overland
    • Marauder’s Haste (Light)
      • 2 – 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 3 – 1096 Max Magicka
      • 4 – 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 5 – When you cast a damage shield ability, increase your Movement Speed by 20% for 9 seconds.
    • Dragonguard Elite (Medium)
      • 2 – 833 Weapon Critical
      • 3 – 129 Weapon Damage
      • 4 – 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 5 – You gain a stack of Dragonguard Tactics for 5 seconds when you deal direct damage to an enemy from the front or sides, up to 5 stacks. Each stack of Dragonguard Tactics increases your Weapon Critical by 476. You can only gain one stack every 1 second.
    • Senchal Defender (Heavy)
      • 2 – 1096 Max Stamina
      • 3 – 1206 Max Health
      • 4 – 1096 Max Magicka
      • 5 – Dealing direct damage with a non-Heavy Attack grants you one persistent stack of Senchal’s Duty, up to 10 stacks. After dealing damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack, restore 535 Stamina and Magicka for each stack of Senchal’s Duty and consume them. You can only gain one stack of Senchal’s Duty every 1 second.
  • Crafted
    • Ancient Dragonguard (Note: this set is unavailable until the Dragonguard headquarters is sufficiently restored)
      • 2 – 1206 Max Health
      • 3 – 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 4 – 833 Weapon and Spell Critical
      • 5 – Gain 300 Weapon and Spell Damage while health is over 50%. Gain 3460 bonus Physical and Spell Resistance while health is 50% or less.
    • Daring Corsair
      • 2 – 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 3 – 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 4 – 833 Weapon and Spell Critical
      • 5 – Reduce the cost of your Weapon abilities by 10% Magicka or Stamina. After casting a Weapon ability, gain Minor Heroism for 8 seconds, generating 1 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds while in combat. This effect can occur every 8 seconds.
    • New Moon Acolyte
      • 2 – 833 Weapon and Spell Critical
      • 3 – 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 4 – 1487 Physical and Spell Penetration
      • 5 – Adds 481 Weapon and Spell Damage. Increase the cost of your active abilities by 5%.

New Achievements, Titles & CollectiblesDragonhold introduces over 30 achievements with 6 new titles, a new dye and several exciting collectible rewards.

  • Dyes & Titles
    • The Pellitine Coral Dye is obtained by completing the "Return of the Dragonguard" achievement.
    • The "Hero of the Dragonguard" title is obtained by completing the "Hero of the Dragonguard" achievement.
    • The "Dragonslayer" title is obtained by completing the "Pellitine Dragon Hunter" achievement.
    • The "Lunar Champion" title is obtained by completing the "A Hero's Song" achievement.
    • The "Master Grappler" title is obtained by completing the "Grappling Bow Pathfinder" achievement.
    • The "Guardian of Elsweyr" title is obtained by completing the "Bright Moons over Elsweyr" achievement.
    • The "Soul Mage Maven" title is obtained by completing the "Soul Magic Skill Master" achievement for reaching the maximum rank of the Soul Magic skill line.
    • The “Pirate” title is obtained by completing the “Legacy Slayer” achievement.
  • Collectibles
    • The Regal Dragon Imp cosmetic pet collectible is obtained by earning "The Dragon's Wrath" achievement.
    • The Wall of Life Brush Memento is awarded from the "Leaves on the Wind" achievement.
    • The Mask of Alkosh collectible hat is awarded from the "Return of the Dragonguard" achievement, accomplished by completing the Dragonhold main questline.
    • The Khunzar-ri's Rest collectible furnishing is obtained by completing the "A Hero's Song" achievement, earnable after completing the Season of the Dragon Finale questline.
    • The Aeonstone Formation collectible furnishing is obtained by completing the "Fall of the Dark Aeon" achievement. This particular furnishing may have some unusual interactions with the flooded aeonstone crater in the Potentate's Retreat home ….
    • The Khajiit of the Moons Replica collectible furnishing is obtained by completing the "Pieces of History" achievement which entails bringing all twelve pieces of Khajiit of the Moons, an ancient Khajiiti tapestry, to the Senchal Palace.

New Collectible Styles & Costume

  • Topal Corsair Outfit Styles: These new outfit styles can be obtained by entering Southern Elsweyr and completing a variety of quests in the zone.
  • The Za'ji's Dragonguard Uniform costume is rewarded for completing the quest "Uneasy Alliances"

New MotifsDragonguard Motif chapters, as well as the associated style item Guilding Salts, are obtained from completing daily quests for the Dragonguard from Chizbari the Chipper and Dirge Truptor, Dragonguard Taskmasters.

Final Wing of the Hall of the Lunar ChampionThose who complete the main story quest "The Dragonguard" in Dragonhold will earn the final story tablet for the Hall of the Lunar Champion, "Behold Khunzar-ri's Ambition". Placing this tablet on the Altar of Ambition opens a portal to Lion's Cradle, Khunzar-ri's childhood home atop a bluff in Southern Elsweyr.


Updated Activity FinderThis update introduces an updated Activity Finder. Note the UI will still appear the same as before, but we have re-coded the tool to be more effective under load. Specific changes to the tool that will be most noticeable are outlined below:

  • Dungeons
    • Adjusted the "Removing from Area" timer when leaving an instance group. The timer is now 2 minutes when leaving a completed instance to allow for more time for quest turn ins and such.
    • It is also only 10 seconds when leaving an incomplete instance, to make the process of finding replacement group members for group activities quicker.
  • Battlegrounds
    • Accepting a Ready Check for a Battleground will now immediately send you to the Battleground. This is to help avoid a common situation where repeated Ready Checks happened with only one or two players not accepting them.
    • The Battleground will continue to find replacements for players that declined or timed out of the Ready Check. If the Battleground cannot find at least 3 players per team after 5 minutes, the Battleground will close and you will not receive a leaver debuff.
  • Alliance War
    • This section of the Activity Finder has been removed. The original idea was to help facilitate grouping in Cyrodiil, but based on our data, we found it was very rarely used.
    • Note this section still appears in the UI for the time being, but does not actually function.

Memory Management OverhaulIn this update, we’ve implemented a new memory pooling system to reduce memory fragmentation. This fundamentally changes how we handle memory use in ESO, and will improve your experience by significantly reducing the chance of crashing from running out of memory. You may also notice a minor FPS improvement due to a reduction of load in peak memory use situations, such as when lots of other players or effects are in an area.

Battleground Runner Weapon Outfit StylesThese new Outfit Styles will occasionally be found by completing Flag Games (and only Flag Games) in Battlegrounds.

  • These Outfit Style Pages are bound to you when you obtain them.
  • Your performance in the Flag Game does not impact these Outfit Styles' drop chance. Win, lose, or draw, you have the same chance to obtain a Battleground Runner Outfit Style Page.
  • You will always obtain these Outfit Style Pages in a prescribed order, and only after obtaining all the Battleground Runner Armor Outfit Styles.

3-Piece Item Set UpdatesPart of our evaluation of older item sets revealed that our 3-Piece item sets were underperforming. These sets were originally created for the purpose of adding more diversity in player builds without sacrificing power. They will now better fulfill their purpose by giving you the opportunity to run different types of gear combinations outside the popular 5-Piece sets and a Monster Mask meta, and help reinforce the idea of “play the way you want”.

  • Agility
    • NEW
      • 2 – 1752 Max Stamina
      • 3 – 206 Weapon Damage
    • OLD
      • 2 – 1451 Max Stamina
      • 3 – 193 Weapon Damage
  • Blessing of Potentates
    • NEW
      • 2 – Reduce damage taken from Players by 5%
      • 3 – Reduce the cost of Ultimates by 15%
    • OLD
      • 2 – 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 3 – Reduce the cost of Ultimates by 10%
  • Eagle Eye
    • NEW
      • 2 – 833 Weapon Crit
      • 3 – 1829 Weapon Crit to direct ranged damage abilities
    • OLD
      • 2 – 833 Weapon Crit
      • 3 – Increases the range of your Bow abilities by 3 meters
  • Endurance
    • NEW
      • 2 – 1928 Max Health
      • 3 – 618 Health Recovery
    • OLD
      • 2 – 1596 Max Health
      • 3 – 193 Stamina Recovery
  • Grace of the Ancients
    • NEW
      • 2 – 1096 Max Magicka
      • 3 – 2406 Max Magicka
    • OLD
      • 2 – 1096 Max Magicka
      • 3 – Increases your Max Magicka by 4%
  • Vengeance Leech
    • NEW
      • 2 – 1206 Max Health
      • 3 – When you kill an enemy, you heal for 2165 Health and restore 2165 Magicka and Stamina.
    • OLD
      • 2 – 1206 Max Health
      • 3 – When you kill an enemy, you heal for 1505 Health and restore 1505 Magicka and Stamina.
  • Willpower
    • NEW
      • 2 – 1752 Max Magicka
      • 3 – 206 Spell Damage
    • OLD
      • 2 – 1451 Max Magicka
      • 3 – 193 Spell Damage
  • Wrath of the Imperium
    • NEW
      • 2 – 833 Spell Crit
      • 3 – 1829 Spell Crit to direct ranged damage abilities
    • OLD
      • 2 – 129 Spell Damage
      • 3 – 833 Spell Crit

Alliance War Campaign UpdatesIn this update, we’ve opened a new Cyrodiil campaign. Laatvulon is a 30 day, CP-enabled, non-Alliance locked Campaign. Additionally, we have shut down the Yolnahkriin campaign. Anyone assigned to this campaign at shutdown will receive a free campaign reassignment.

In-Game Account FeaturesWe’ve added several new account features that you can access in-game:

  • Added the ability to opt-in or opt-out of Marketing mailers from the character select screen. If this is toggled on, you will receive Marketing emails.
  • ESO Reward Codes can now be redeemed in-game from the Crown Store menu.
  • Added the ability to change the email address associated with your game account, or resend the verification email, straight from the character select screen.

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