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PC/NA – Possible troll group in Group Finder kicking tank at last boss in vet pledges?

TheElderScrolls5 - PC/NA - Possible troll group in Group Finder kicking tank at last boss in vet pledges?

Hey everyone!

So, these last couple of weeks I've experience something in ESO that I'm pretty sure is a group of trolls but I wanted to see if someone else saw that.

I have been tanking for the last 2 months or so. In the last 2 weeks, though, 4 times I have been kicked in the last boss of a vet pledge, in a perfect run, when the boss had only 1 mi or so health.

Now, I'm pretty sure it is not me because I'm always getting guild invites and compliments after my runs. I get a lot of No-Death/Speed-Runs with PUGs. I explain mechanics if someone doesn't know, wait for quest, put in chat if I find chest/heavy sacks, I do my research, only queue for Non-DLC vets… Anyway, it will be clearer from the rest of the post.

The first time it happened was in Selene's. We had a no-death, clear run until last boss. Everything was under control. Then, at around 1 mi health, I was kicked. Didn't think much of it, maybe I was doing something wrong and didn't notice.

Then, two days later, same thing happened on another easy dungeon. Again, No-Death run, up until last boss had around 1 mi health, kicked. I though it was weird, but, again, didn't think much of it.

Then it happened a third time a few days later. This time, I had this strange feeling that there were some more similarities with the previous kicks. I noticed the "healer" was actually a Sorc that only used the Matriarch heals for the 2 DPS and himself and had an Ice Staff backbar. I was pretty sure I saw the same thing on the previous kicks. No worries, I don't run Vet DLC pledges so I never need heals anyway and he didn't really aggro anything during the run.


I started remembering, though, that all 3 times, as soon as I was kicked I saw someone taunt the boss with an ice staff and they waited on the damage until I was out.

Anyway, I'm a tank, 5 seconds queue… I just let it go again, thinking I might be in the wrong and not noticing, despite all kicks happening in no death runs, easy dungeons.

But then it happened a FORTH time and, this time, I'm pretty sure one of the DPS forgot to switch the chat channel because I saw on the zone chat right before I was removed "it always cracks me up when we do that". Same thing. Sorc "healer" with ice staff on back bar, only using Matriarch for the other 3 group members; kicking me on a no death run when the last boss was amost dead, "healer" taunting the boss and DPS waiting for me to be removed.

Now, I don't know the players' name because they never say anything during the runs and after I get kicked I can't see the group anymore. I run dozens of dungeons everyday now so I don't really pay much attention to names anymore.

This has been happening always at around 9 PM Pacific with non-DLC vet pledges with group finder, so I'm pretty sure this is the same group.

Has any other tank experienced that?

What is the best way to approach this except trying to get this group again and reporting the players?

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