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Pet Sorc or non-Pet for PvE content?

TheElderScrolls15 - Pet Sorc or non-Pet for PvE content?

Heya! My lovely Altmer Sorc toon just celebrated her 2nd month Anniversary. Been a stamina main all my ESO life and she's my first foray into the (predominantly) magicka side of tamriel. Would just like to pick a few brains here on opinions and nothing much else really.

I'm currently running IA/Necro/Ilambris (Infused on big pieces, divines on small pieces) and I pull about 26~30k-ish in trials and dungeons. Currently CP 625 and following Alcast's guide in point allocation, but I swap around here and there depending on my guild etc. I'm also using the Lover mundus, despite Mage being possibly better(?) Here's the rest of the set up:

FRONT BAR: (Necro lightning Infused, flame enchant) Inner light/Haunting curse/Bound Aegis/Familiar/Matriarch/Destro Ult

BACK BAR: (Necro lightning Infused, increase spell dmg) Blockade/LL/Hardened Ward/Familiar/Matriarch/Storm Atro


I'd say my rotation and stuff is pretty alright. But I'm aware that the ceiling is much higher than what I'm able to do now, and therefore have a looooot of room to improve. Obviously the downside is missing the crit from the dark magic passives. I have mother's sorrow and juli in the bank, along with a full purple (and with the right traits) imperfect Siroria. I also have burning spellweave inferno staves, but I haven't seen too much online that encourages sorcs to use that set.

So for those of you who have a sorc and have played either pet and/or non-Pet, which one appeals more or feels better to you and why? And lastly, I've tried searching for this on the forums but couldn't find a clear cut answer (hence coming to reddit!), but which variation pulls higher dps numbers in general? I know there are a MANY factors that go into determining dps, but a ballpark figure would be nice, if possible that is. Thank you all in advance!

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