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Playing as Krosis

TheElderScrolls1 - Playing as Krosis

Building a character as a "reincarnation" of an existing one is a lot of fun. Trying to figure out the motivations, the playstyles, the journey is like uncovering a grand mystery. Krosis doesn't have much to go on though. His name, means sorrow. He is the only dragon priest buried alone in the middle of nowhere and without ruins or servants. Some suppose he was a priest representing an aspect of Kyne. What could he have been in his prime?

Starting off with the mask, Krosis was an archer and an alchemist. His proficiency with lock pick but neither sneak nor pickpocket suggest he wasn't a thief but rather he was one who dislike being restricted. Pairing this with light armour, it means he was likely to be more an adventurer than a leader or a scholar. Surviving in the wilds thanks to his knowledge of the flora. Being named Krosis, sorrow, suggest he was rather empathic (or a very sad man). So I would picture him as a benevolent adventurer who didn't mind getting in trouble to help someone. Yet, it didn't bring him followers nor servants. Then, why would he have been made dragon priest? With this set of skill, especially archery and poisons, he could be an excellent witch hunter. A priest who hunts priest rebelling against the dragons. Which could also be a reason for being named Krosis. The one who answers the sorrow left from betrayal.


Now, what would it translate into game wise. Krosis would be a ranger type. Light armour, archery, one handed and a bit of block. With alchemical knowledge, doubling up as a poisoner would make sense. As all dragon priest wield magic, so would he. I would give him enchanting, destruction but only runes and cloaks and conjuration for minions and a bound bow. The bound bow is chosen for draw speed (and the magical feel), which is crucial for non sneak archer.

Now, in terms of look, I would go with glass sword, shield boots and gauntlets with a black vampire armour. With the Krosis mask of course. This is a good mix between the style of a ranger, Mage and armoured adventurer. Stat spread would be 1/2/1. You don't need that much magicka or stamina. As for race and standing stone. Breton and Lord would make a good fit for a priest fit to take down other priests. A Nord also fits perfectly in terms of skills. Depends if you lean more in the priest hunter side or the adventurer side.

Finally, how does our adventurer starts? With Kyne. Krosis would be a follower of Kynareth and a vision of Kyne's trial pushed him to venture into Skyrim and seek those trials. If you play into the empathic side, you have then an excuse to start many quests. Guild wise, you would probably only join the companions. As the story forces you, you will join the college and see their problem through. And you'll likely side with the dawnguard. The rest is up to you. You will finish your journey by facing Miraak and hunting down all the dragon priests you didn't already free from undeath.

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