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Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo

TheElderScrolls9 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo

Some of you might have seen my previous posts about playing ESO with my 8yo. I limit it to 90 minutes a week so you might wonder what else happens outside of that time.

Well… we play "Lego Elder Scrolls" – which is a game I created for my kid using my (vague) memories of the tabletop gaming I did in my teens with Warhammer etc. I found that dice didn’t work very well so I went for something card based. Photos below.

It goes something like this:

My kid comes up with a story & we make Lego mobs/ props/ bosses. This weekend was inspired by Vvardenfell & the Morrowind trailer so it involved giant mushrooms a “baddie boss” archmage & a Dwarven centurion guarding a throne with magic crystals.

z04toshiuni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
Archmage Sweegli (baddie boss) with his guards & a giant mushroom.

I printed out an A0 3.2×3.2cm grid to make movement easier. My kid lays out the mobs/props on the grid & works out whether the mobs are weak/ strong/ boss & how much health they have. We track health with stacks of Lego.

wgnbotm3vni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
A (slightly out of focus) guar with some rocks/ lava/ giant mushrooms behind them.

We each choose two heroes – each hero has two abilities. My kid had a warden with “Beast Caller” & “Ice Magic” & a tank with “Two Handed” & “Courage”. I had a mage with “Fire Magic” & “Restoration” & an assassin with “Dual Weapons” & “Agility”.

So this is when things get slightly crazy – I wrote a little app that generates cards & then painstakingly wrote the content 9 cards for every ability. Each card is Passive/ Light/ Heavy or Ultimate. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started but it took me hours.

Each hero draws three random cards for each ability they have to get started.

t4vk7710vni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
My heroes cards.

The game round is pretty simple. The heroes move 4 squares a round & can use one ability card.

iwswfl59vni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
My assassin attacks a Nix Hound.


The mobs who can see the heroes move towards them & do basic attacks.

qm1lpfbfvni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
A dreugh attacks the (tamed) guar while the heroes move in to help.

Bosses draw a random “Boss Attack” card – which can be devastating.

fewmawpjvni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
Archmage Sweegli draws "Boss Blast" as his attack this round.

Heavy/ boss mobs drop Loot cards – which can also be got from chests.

iron4afovni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
Dwarven Centurion guards the crystal throne.

  1. Health is measured with stacks of Lego pieces & if a Hero runs out of health they respawn back at the Wayshrine.

14zqubmsvni31 - Playing Lego Elder Scrolls with my 8yo
Chaos! The warden called in a Senche Lion to help attack the baddies. The fallen centurion & a dead alit can be seen in the background.

**11.**At the end of the round each hero can draw one random ability card. Rinse & repeat until the objective is achieved.

It works surprisingly well – but a game takes about an hour to setup & 3-5 hours to play. Especially as my kid tends to make things insanely hard. This weekend they setup two bosses which would both see the heroes at the same time. The only thing that saved us was my kid playing their “Beast Caller” Ultimate “Attack From Above” which involved a flying creature grabbing the archmage boss & dropping the boss at the other end of our board far away from our party. Otherwise our heroes would have been mushed.

Even though this whole exercise has burnt up far more time than I thought it would – both in setup & gameplay it is a lot of fun. We’ve already worked out that some of the cards are OVERPOWERED (caps for how my kid says it) & some are too complicated. So I’ve got to tweak the cards – which is going to take some time.

If there’s interest I’ll publish the whole thing on Github. You just need a dual sided (preferably colour) printer to make the cards.

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