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Playing Redguard in 2018. (Question for our Ancient TES fans)

TheElderScrolls8 - Playing Redguard in 2018. (Question for our Ancient TES fans)

Soo, i'm a "new" tes player, i've been around since Oblivion. I've tried to play Arena once, but i found the controls to be too frustrating and i gave up before completing the intro dungeon.

(I've heard that this is a normal thing).

I like retro gaming and some of the most memorable games i've ever played were made in the early 90's soo age is not a problem, but i really had a very frustrating experience with Arena. I'm curious about the proceduraly generated Redguard, how well did it age? is it worth the effort/time to play it these days?


Edit: Also i have a wide screeen monitor, soo i suppose that the game will look really ugly not because of the age… but because each pixel will be almost the size of a coin. Is there a decent port to play it on a smartphone? maybe even a fan made port to a 3DS? i know it would be really weird, but a i think it would be a really cool game to play on a portable device.

Edit2: Because i'm a goofball on too many skoomas i mistook the name of the game, i want to play Daggerfall not Redguard.

Edit3: I used ancient in a "hey you've been around and that's cool" way… and people didn't really like it. I wasn't expecting that and i'm sorry, i don't know any way to edit the tittle of a post on reddit (if you know, please tell me).

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