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Please finish the Exalt buffs (Prophet & Mournhold)

TheElderScrolls12 - Please finish the Exalt buffs (Prophet & Mournhold)

Upon reviewing the exalt cards in each color I noticed that everything in Intelligence and Willpower looks reasonably good. Not every card needs to be meta defining and all of these cards strike me as well costed for the benefit.

Switch to Endurance and we see a real drop in quality. Most notably Prophet of Bones and especially Mournhold Pilgrim.

With Prophet of Bones you could come to the reasonable conclusion that a 1 drop shouldn't feel too strong later on since its still just a one drop and they are meant to have low impact. However, I doubt many would complain if the exalt cost here were dropped from 5 to Exalt 4. This is of course the least you could do with it. There are more complex buffs that would require more serious testing such as making the 1 drop base stat more appealing (a 1/3 minion for example) or making the exalt minions 1/2's.


Mournhold Pilgrim on the other hand is a standout in just how weak the card is in terms of power level. We all know that regeneration has a low impact on the game so reducing this exalt cost from 3 to Exalt 2 makes perfect sense. A 4/4 for 4 regeneration would never see play. A 6/6 for 6 regeneration is at least more likely to survive but would likely never see play either. The flexibility of both is at least mildly interesting and sufficient enough to warrant the common rarity of the card. Combine that with the fact that this is an exalt bonus that's solid with Temple Patriarch and you might give this card some life in more casual deck construction.

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