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Please help recommend me a home (aka be my realtor).

TheElderScrolls3 - Please help recommend me a home (aka be my realtor).

So, I hit CP 810, have 6 toons (1 tank, 1 healer, 4 DPS) done trials (non vet, some vet), finishing up crafting & scrying (got most mythics), and working towards some more end game/goals now.

One of the "end goals" happens to be a home. I will eventually buy more homes, but I wanted to get one started for the moment, since I want to buy chests for storage (6 chests total). I do have the smaller apartments, but need more space to put all the chests as storage is becoming an issue and I do need to prioritize storage.

The problem is, I don't know which home per se that would be the "best" for the conditions I am looking for. So, I wanted to ask some more veteran players which home or homes they would recommend. I guess you guys could play along and pretend to be my realtor and "sell" (market/tell me the pro's, etc. etc.) me the house? I do have crowns ready to go so crown($) hahaha pun intended, isn't the issue.

Now, onto the list of things I'm looking for as a first home buyer~

1) Not looking for a huge house, something manageable, something my non stamina characters won't need a pot to run from one end to the other end to. I don't want to have lots of empty space. Ideally, a medium or large home would be ideal. I won't rule out "small" homes either, but there needs to be outside space (#3 below).

2) Form and function is important to me. Ideally, the home would have rooms or a separated area that is close to the entrance inside home where I can place storage chests (all of them), so I have quick access to store things out of my bag I don't need. I can always partition large spaces with dividers or furniture.

3) A house with a yard or outside area. I want a home where where I can eventually put all the crafting stations in, on the outside for access as soon as I enter my home, or go out the door from inside my home. I need space for all crafting stations (food, tailoring, enchanting, jewelry, blacksmith, tailoring, & woodworking). I would place the storage chests inside the home, and the crafting stations outside. Eventually, enough room to put a parsing dummy in the corner outside as well.


4) I have a banking and merchant cat, and they are indoor cats. I just need a place to put them. Maybe close to the entrance so I can "greet" them on the way in (to sell and store things in my immediate bank). Preferably, not too far from my storage chests.

5) The house MUST have a wayshrine close by, real close. Closer the better.

6) Something not too small. I will eventually make/buy/scry furniture to make the house look more cozy. The "home" isn't going to be a "home" per se, but more of a "lounge" or like "club house" for me and my friends to visit or port to, if they need. So, there won't be bedroom per se, just different lounging rooms, maybe a bar, a "card" room, etc. etc.

7) Something with a balcony area that is connected to the house is totally cool, I would actually prefer it. Doesn't have to be too big, I can work with like a small "deck" or "patio" area.

8) I want a more modern and luxurious home. This meaning, a home in the style of a High Elf/Breton/etc. etc. and less Woodelf/Argonian. I can do cozy (Nord/Orc), but prefer it to resemble more modern human housing. Also something close or in town would be preferred, but not a deal breaker.

The main purpose of the house would be for me to teleport to, to decon thing's I gathered while doing dungeons or refining things while doing surveys, etc. etc. Also, my free "get unstuck" home, since I can just port home if I get stuck, and then run to the way shrine to get to where I need to go.

Some places I thought that were cool were Mournoth Keep (Halcyon Lake, Bangkorai) Proudspire Manor (Solitude, Western Skyrim), just for reference.

Thanks in advance! I look forward to your recommendations~

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