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Please update the Arena weapon drop system

TheElderScrolls3 - Please update the Arena weapon drop system

The arena weapon RNG system is very, very "un-ESO" as well as "un modern MMO."

I am an old school MMO player. I started with Everquest. Those were the days when certain items took up to 40-100 hours to farm, or even more. Even the more "common" rare items took you hours upon hours of farming.

That kind of thing doesn't really exist in modern MMOs anymore. At least not for equipment that is vital. Certain vanity items, sure, but not regular equipment.

There are no replacements for Arena weapons, particularly The Maelstrom Bow and The Maelstrom Inferno/Lightning Staves, and yet you can spend hundreds of hours farming them and never get one, which is actually far worse than even the worst items in Everquest.

I have completed VMA over 100 times and have still yet to receive a Maelstrom Lightning Staff or a Maelstrom Inferno Staff. (I am not just pulling this number out of my ass; I am a hoarder and I checked my inventory insight, searching for "Maelstrom and counted over 150 weapons, so with the weapons that drop as 2 (duel wield and sword and board) I can estimate I've completed it about 100 times).

I have a 4 to a dozen of every other weapon type from Veteran Maelstrom Arena, yet 0 Lightning and Inferno staves. I was looking forward to the Orsinium Anniversary event because with double drops, I thought I might finally get my Inferno and Lightning staves. But 20-30 runs later and 40-60 drops later, I still haven't received one. Each of my VMA runs takes me an hour, so I have spent 100 hours trying to get this one item without any luck whatsoever.


There simply are no real replacements for these weapons. If you want the best weapon available, these are it. I am not some strange, bad RNG outlier either. I can't even count the number of people on my friends list that spent dozens upon dozens if not hundreds of hours in VMA trying to get a Maelstrom Bow or Inferno Staff. That is simply ridiculous.


It's time to implement a system similar to the new Undaunted Shoulder system. A player should not have to spend dozens or hundreds of hours trying to farm one specific item with no end in sight. I already completed the contest, I beat VMA, I shouldn't have to also spend hundreds of hours farming to get the real reward.

There needs to be a merchant that has these Maelstrom weapons available to anyone that has completed VMA. Similar to achievement furniture. Toss 2 Maelstrom weapons on the golden merchant every weekend and let people buy them if they have the VMA achievement.

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