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Podcast Into Time Episode3! – A Learning Experience + News!!!

TheElderScrolls12 - Podcast Into Time Episode3! - A Learning Experience + News!!!

Hello Everyone! We uploaded episode 3! You can check this out on any podcast app, keep in mind it takes time for the feed to update everywhere. If you would like to listen now you can always go to and we do upload this 24 hours later onto YouTube as well.

New episode is called "A Learning Experience" for a reason, we ran into two different issues this episode when recording, someone's mic was having a problem with a scratchy noise (it does get better off and on), the other issue is someone recorded the desk sounds (this recorded everyone talking). We normally record 3 different audio streams so I can edit out any issues but due to one person having desktop recording on it creates an echo so we had to just use their feed and due to that I was unable to edit out the scratching. We are working to get someone a new mic and the other issue was just a good learning experience for us.


Last we are working on getting intro/outro music. We are exploring having background music like lots of podcasts do (we go back and forth on this idea so if you have an opinion please let us know). We have decided we will be live in January, now we are trying to decide if we have the main show live or an after recording show live every Sunday that will be more community question focused (let us know what you think). Also we will start our one interview episode in January as well (everyone 4 episodes one will be an interview episode). And last I have some big news coming very soon, I have a ton of ideas and I am currently working out the details of two of them, once I get that done I will announce this on Twitter, this will also be in January.

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As always thank you for listening!

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