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Poor poor Bretons, the most shafted race in ESO.

TheElderScrolls2 - Poor poor Bretons, the most shafted race in ESO.

Let's see….

Absolutely zero worldbuilding in high rock zones. In other zones we met spirits of significant cultural figures of each race (Veloth, Ysgramor, Frandar Hunding, etc), we learned about the culture/religion/beliefs/traditions of each race. Except Bretons, we managed to have 3.5 zones about them and still learned absolutely nothing new about Bretons as a whole, it's actually kind of impressive (hell there are 100x more Ayleid lore in Breton zones than actual Breton lore lol).

Zero lore addition in the game, ESO adds so many amazing things to the lore, most races got a complete overhaul in terms of lore, even Imperials and Nords got their own old lore back that Oblivion and Skyrim ignored. Not Bretons though, they got nothing, they are still stuck in the Daggerfall era.

The story for Breton zones have absolutely nothing to do with Bretons, instead they all they got are the generic "kill undead/daedra" story. Look at other zone questlines, the Deshaan questline is directly related to the whole Dunmer good/bad daedra and tribunal thing, the Alik'r and Bangkorai questline is all about Redguard swordsingers and Redguard afterlife, the Wrothgar storyline is all about Orsimer religion/history, literally everything about Grahtwood /Greenshade/Malabal Tor are about Bosmer traditions and mythologies, and Shadowfen/Murkmire is all about the Hist. And look at Breton zone questlines……they are so generic they literally can take place anywhere in Tamriel and the story will still make sense.

Bretons literally got only ONE building tile set and ONE motif style. Breton are so shafted that Wayrest, the alliance capital, don't even have its own architecture design like Mournhold/Elden Root. Poor Bretons don't even have their own ruins, instead there are Ayleid ruins everywhere in High Rock now.


Pre-established Breton lore are poorly represented if not outright ignored. The Direnni clan and the Adamantia tower only made a cameo at best and is practically non-existent in the game (Ayleids replaced them for some reason), the knightly orders are barely in the game, the whole game of thrones political Intrigue thing are not represented at all(In fact Bretons got outdone by pretty much every race in ESO when it comes to politics), the whole elven heritage and Bretons worshipping elven gods thing is not brought up at all. And Bretons, the most magical human race, are pretty much only portrayed as generic medieval heavy armored brutes(Bangkorai was especially hilarious, the Imperials are out there shooting fireballs, using portals, and pulling off all these other magical feats. While Bretons need the mage's guild to do anything magical for them).

Zero dlc content for Bretons 7 years after launch, when even Bosmer got a DLC dungeon in Scalebreaker. In fact Bretons got treated as if they don't even exist at all. First Breton got completely retconned out of north-eastern High Rock(Farrun is an Orc clan now for some reason despite Breton Farrun having existed in the first era), then we got Scalecaller peak and Fang Lair that has nothing to do with Bretons despite located in Breton zones, then Reachmen aka "witchmen of high rock" became their own thing in Markarth instead of a Breton sub-culture, and the last untouched area of High Rock between Wrothgar and the Reach got left out in Markarth with zero chance of being visited like central Elsweyr.

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