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POS 2.0: How much does a preorder get you?

TheElderScrolls2 - POS 2.0: How much does a preorder get you?

Hi everyone, here's an enhanced pack opening simulator (you can now pick which set you want to open packs in, and it'll repeat the results 10,000 times to get an average).

pack opener.glitch - POS 2.0: How much does a preorder get you?

My hope is that this tool could be helpful in understanding how much value preordering or buying packs from a pack-based expansion provides. With these new smaller-sized expansions, new players may benefit more from buying packs in larger expansions in order to get more cards added to your collection for the same number of packs (smaller expansions are going to get a lot more duplicates).

When you consider opening packs as a means to getting new content, the figure you want to think about is 'cards missing'. If you spend Y dollars to open N packs and are missing 3 cards, then you basically just bought the expansion, good job! Of course the number of cards someone needs to feel like they are participating in the new expansion is gonna vary widely, which is why I made this calculator!

So for instance, the pre-order gives you 50 packs. On average*, opening 50 packs means you will be missing:

Common cards: 1.96
Rare cards: 2.43
Epic cards: 15.68
Legendary cards: 30.96
Unique Legendary cards: 6.65

not bad! I know that for Moons of Elsweyr (which, FTR, I did not preorder), there were a number of common cards that had a big impact on the meta (looking at you, Slinking Jackal and Midnight Trespasser), or at least my deckbuilding!


But say you didn't preorder and spent 3000 gold on 30 packs, in that case you'd be missing on average:

Common cards: 12.57
Rares cards: 9.83
Epics cards: 22.01
Legendary cards: 31.80
Unique Legendary cards: 7.18

That's not a ton different, really! Of course you'll also get less dust from dusting duplicates if you open fewer packs, but the point here is to spend money to get new content, not turn money into dust in order craft new content.

What you'll find if you run your own numbers is that–for the amount of new content per dollar spent–you hit diminishing returns really quickly for small sets like Moons Of Elsweyr and Jaws of Oblivion, and that's because the majority of your cards from pack openings are common, and the pool of commons is relatively small, which means you have a lot of duplicates.

Compare the amount of soul gems you get from trapping duplicates in opening 50 packs of Core cards vs 50 packs of Moons of Elsweyr:

Core: 96.77

MoE: 1346.50

That's a huge difference! If you're new to the game and have a finite amount of money to spend and want to maximize the number of cards you get, that means you definitely should not preorder new sets until you've fleshed out the larger sets like Morrowind/Skyrim/Core.

*see website for disclaimers

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