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Possible 2020 Chaper and Zone DLC

TheElderScrolls15 - Possible 2020 Chaper and Zone DLC

This is copy-pasted from ESO forum, from my discussion. Here's a link if you want the original.


First, let's start with the topic the title suggests – the Future regions. In almost all DLCs, Chapters we got we also get the hunch where the next journey will take us. In Morrowind when we do Nayru's quest she mentions Summerset and says that Veya will be sent there as undercover. In the future we got Summerset and we meet Veya again as part of Court Bedlam. After finishing the Summerset quest we talk to Razum-Dar which tells us that he will go to his homeland after the ruckus on Summerset Isles. Of course, after we got the Elsweyr expansion. Now let's talk about what awaits us next. During the main quest of Elsweyr Cadwell mentions Solitude in context. This might not be a big deal because a lot of NPCs mention a lot of cities here and there. But speculation doesn't end there. Sai Sahan also mentions something that makes me believe that the next chapter might be in Skyrim. He says he might look for Lyris there. We also get a bit of a hint in Glenumbra, Daggerfall from NPCs that have been added from the Elsweyr Chapter. They stand next to a wayshrine in Daggerfall city. They talk about rampage of Dragon in Elsweyr and on Kajiit mentions his family which he claims to live in Riverwood, Skyrim. For me, those are too much to be just coincidence. Now let's move from Skyrim to Q4 Zone which we might get. There are two hints which suggest which zone will be in the final 2020 update. Not long ago we got teased with new motifs for the New Life Festival Event. Those can be found at the bottom of the Motifs screen. The Motifs are called "Skaal" which if you played Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC might ring a bell. The Solstheim. We also got a new pet which gives you 5 extra slots in your inventory on all chars. This is Bristleneck War Boar which is originally from Solstheim.


I also have a theory on about what the next chapter would be
IF we will get Skyrim and Solstheim as new regions, we might take part in the story of two Skyrims. If you didn't know, Skyrim is separated into 2 parts – West and East. Currently, we have access to EAST Skyrim. We possibly will try to reunite both kingdoms into one and figure out the hostilities between them. Might be some Daedric or cultists work as always lol. We might also meet Greybeards because of Dragon Crisis we had in Elsweyr and get to see some Dragons that possibly escaped to Skyrim from Elsweyr. Even very minorly possibly to us see the Paarthurnax. I mean why not? we already met the Niffilgarus, the Dragon that will help Tiber Septim aka Talos in conquering whole Tamerial in the future. At this point I expect everything. We, of course, will meet again Lyris Titanborn as Sai mentioned. Sai will also reappear. Possibly Abnur Tharn too. We will meet at Jorunn Skald-King. Vanos siblings and Nayru once again.

Of course, this might be all nonsense and the next chapter can be in Hammerfell for all I know how ZOS has played their road map. The Theory that Skyrim will be released in 2021 as the anniversary is believable but knowing ZOS, they most likely, IMO, won't do it.

Leave your own thoughts in comments and share them with your own theory. Tell me your opinion if you agree or not. Thanks for reading!

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