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Possible solution to help DPS queue times & reduce fake tanking/healing

TheElderScrolls5 - Possible solution to help DPS queue times & reduce fake tanking/healing

This is just an idea but with the number of fake queue threads and the hindrance that it is for both dps having an extremely long queue time and people having an unpleasant dungeon experience with fakes in their group, hopefully we can spark some discussion for ZOS, although honestly I don't know if they read and take feedback much from this sub xD

The main idea imo is that the dungeon finder section should also include a search tab underneath it, which would then show a list sort of similar to the guild search. You would be able to list what dungeon you want to do and the difficulty as well as the roles required so then people selecting search can see groups a lot easier without having to try host in zones etc.

The roles could be listed with the pictures of the roles like when you select so it's easy to see exactly what a team is wanting for a group. For example when clicking search and on the find section it could show up like..
Random (T) (D) (D) (D)Scalecaller Peak (T) (D) (D) (H)

The reason I think this would be helpful is then people can see the groups set up and allowing a search function would make it miles easier to pug for people that either aren't in a guild or normally play with less than 4 people.

Being able to enter into a dungeon with 1tank 3dd in the dungeon finder search function "should" then reduce the number of fake roles in the normal queue, and then dps would hopefully find groups faster due to the number of people wating 4dd or 1tank 3dd for some content.

TLDR : a search function similar to how guilds work but for dungeon groups where you can select the roles for your group and host it, then have people join and off you go 😀


Edit : This should in theory keep more people happy with the dungeon finder. If people can search for groups with the exact roles they want (Ie 1t 3dd) then there is no reason to fake tank/fake heal to get a 3rd dd spot. Which means people that are happy to 3dd/4dd can pug with randoms that also want to use the same roles, while people that want the normal 1t 2dd 1h can use the dungeon queue as it is, or search for a pug that includes a healer. Then hopefully people that are annoyed by fake tanks/healers would be happier due to having to deal with that less.

Edit 2 : Some people are perfectly fine with 1tank 3dd, some are perfectly fine with 1 tank 2 dd 1 heal, and some like 4dd. The issue is that the dungeon finder is very cookie cutter for a game that has such a massive skill gap, and while people can search for guilds etc it would be nice to have an enhanced LFG feature that would allow for better pug experience dependant on what the player wants.

People might not always have guildmates or friends on and just want to find the last spot or 2 if they're duoQ but would rather have roles they prefer, than what the dungeon finder deems necessary.

As some people have said though there is an underlying issue with lack of support (mostly tank) in ESO but I don't think saying "well just play tank" is the answer, if people don't enjoy a certain aspect of the game they shouldn't have to do that in order to play, otherwise what's the point in playing. However, this would be a bigger issue for ZOS to address and hopefully a better LFG feature can alleviate some of the stress for the time bieng.

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