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Possible updates in 2020

TheElderScrolls5 - Possible updates in 2020

I think we’re done with the Aldmeri Dominion, at least for a good bit of time, now let’s see what ESO still has to offer! Last time I tried to post this thing my Reddit app crashed, so here we go again. As you can see by this image I’ve highlighted some areas in Tamriel that I would like to see/could come out in 2020. Make sure to write your opinion on my analysis or post some of yours, it’ll be an interesting discussion.

Southern Hammerfell

Area in yellow

It’s no secret that Hammerfell is a beautiful and full of potential province… and it’s no secret that the Daggerfall Covenant is the alliance with less players and the Redguard are the least played race. Let’s change that! After all the attention dedicated to the AD it’s time for the DC’s people to shine. We only had a simple taste of the complex and obscure redguard culture and pantheon, there are endless possibilities for quests and story development and thanks to Hammerfell’s diversified environment we won’t simply get an endless desert. As a bonus we could even get a sequel to the Thieves Guild questline (as a separated chapter) in Taneth or Gilane, where the Guild has to expand its influence. An issue is probably the gigantic empty zone between Skalden, Taneth, Rihad and Elinhir; in TES Arena there were a lot of villages in this zone, but will them be enough to populate the regions? If you guys have any idea, share it with me.

The West Weald

Area in orange

We all know that, at least in some part, Skingrad was in the game since 2015. We even get to see some parts of its region when we climb up near the great wall dividing the city from Kvatch and after completing a big DLC, coming back to Cyrodiil would be simply great. West Weald itself is large enough (and not too small) to be a perfect guild story zone, like the Gold Coast, so maybe it can house the sequel to the Dark Brotherhood or a chance to expand and add tweaks for vampires. I know that good Hassildor wasn’t around back in the Second Era, but the city of Skingrad has just the perfect moods for both vampires and assassins, and jumping on the train of nostalgia always helps to sell. Since the writers team of ESO often makes use of historical characters to put in quests, Skingrad can be ideal thanks to the whole Alessian Order events and I hope they do so because the part of Tamriel history is mysterious and otherwhise wouldn’t get any attention. That’s not all! There’s an area attached to the West Weald in my map and it’s northern Gold Coast, home of the evanescent county of Sutch. It is a known fact that it exists, and no one can deny it. It may not be a county, it may not be a city, but this gives a lot of freedom to the developers and I hope they won’t disappoint us (mainly me) by putting again boring ruins in its place or by not putting it in the game at all.

The fragmented Ebonheart Pact

Area in purple

I’m a member of the Ebonheart Pact, so this topic is particularly close to my heart (no pun intended). The Aldmeri Dominion was able to unify its people under its banner, and this is ok. The Daggerfall Covenant was able to unify most of its people under its banner, and this is fine. The Ebonheart Pact wasn’t able to unify its people and the allied provinces became fragmented, and this is fine too. But why leaving the territories that are part of it out of the main game? By lore we know for sure that Eastern Skyrim and the Redoran and Dres regions are part of the EP. And, unfortunately, I know the answer too: of course the Pact can’t have more regions than the other alliances and they preferred to show us the most important ones (who cares about Tear, when you can have Riften?). But this leaves us an incredibly small region that doesn’t really fit any of the DLC’s requirements and two bigger but distant regions. The result is that we will not be able to see the full Ebonheart Pact for a long time. The first region is Thornmarsh, that includes House Dres’ territory, mainly because ESO’s map is a huge mess and it deforms most of the provinces (I don’t understand what happened to Solstheim’s position and Cyrodiil’s geography). I mainly play as an Argonian, so when I discovered that in this game I could travel and play in Black Marsh it blew my mind, so imagine my surprise and delusion when I found Stormhold: capital of the Ebonheart Pact’s Argonia, a couple of dunmer houses, ayleid scrap (I had enough of ayleid ruins, please stop) and those horrible mud piles (did you really want me to believe that Argonians mostly live in dirt or in tents on the Xanmeers?); the terrain was unimpressive, actually cool enemies were just a few and the great Xanmeers were ok, I guess. Thankfully Murkmire came out and fixed Shadowfen’s mess. Even if Shadowfen and Thornmarsh are close and both had strong dunmer influence, I hope they dump what they did in vanilla and they stay on Murkmire’s line. Regarding Tear, in some book they called it “the jewel of Morrowind”, but literally any city in any region is called “the jewel of something”, so they can do whatever they want with it. The second region is the problematic one, Blacklight: I understand that borders can change over time, but letting the Nords occupy Blacklight north’s tip is a big mistake, at least in my opinion. Now we find ourselves with this extremely small region and there isn’t much else to say. Finally, there’s Winterhold and The Pale: in Skyrim we got a gloomy dock and a glorified village, so the devs have a lot of freedom here (make Winterhold great again, plz). Winterhold was built by Shalidor, who happens to be a major character in the game. Do I get comeback vibes?


The Topal Bay

Area in red

There’s a lot to see in southern Tamriel but the fact I’ve highlighted the whole thing doesn’t mean I want to see it coming out all together. Simply I wasn’t able to decide how to match them properly, as I will explain shortly. This big red area includes Pelletine, Blackwood, county Bravil, Gideon and Soulrest. The reason why I wanted to include Pelletine (me really wanting to see Versidue-Shaie’s palace does not count) is the city of Leyawiin. We don’t know what is its state at this time, but by lore it has been a khajiit city more than one time, so if that’s the case it could see out of place if an eventual Blackwood expansion is dedicated only to Imperials and Argonians. Leyawiin could be a mix of the three, making it a nice scenario for social and racial tension and the rest of Pelletine is a good occasion to discover more of the Akaviri, like the things we’ll see in the Elsweyr DLC. Next is county Bravil. I’ll go straight to the point: I want the city of Bravil to be completely different, no more shacks. I liked it in Oblivion, I had a fun time in it, but its design was lazy and I don’t think the architecture of a city can remain the same for hundred of years if we’re talking about damn hovels. Maybe it should be something that represents nibenese culture in all of its (never seen) glory (if you think about it, in Oblivion we didn’t see at all the cultural difference between colovians and nibenese people, but at least Colovia had a chance to be unique. Nibenay instead suffers from strange city positioning and lack of uniqueness: Bruma is a heavily nordic city, Cheydinhal, despite being the former house of the Tharns, has dunmer-inspired buildings, Bravil is made of shacks and Leyawiin was khajiit territory… where is the space for the Imperials?). If the West Weald happens and it is centered around vampires, Bravil can become the scenario for the Dark Brotherhood’s second act. Finally there’s the imperialized Black Marsh, called by the PGE Murkmire but the devs decided to change that, with the cities of Gideon and Soulrest, no mud piles here, only the finest nibenean/argonian stone buildings.

Telvanni Peninsula

Area in light blue

What should I say about this place? It’s House Telvanni’s, so anything could happen here. The developers can go absolutely wild, maybe adding some tweaks to magic (even if I prefer to see more stamina abilities). Necrom is included in my map, so there’s space for some Indoril’s stuff. I hope to see more Divayth Fyr.

The Reach

Area in grey

Despite I’m not interested in seeing more Skyrim right now, for The Reach I’d make an exception. Reachmen were given a hell of a lot of attention in more than one questline and getting to see the heart of their territory is amazing (I’m counting Western Reach too, so both Skyrim and High Rock are included). Markarth is dominated by a misterious tyrant named “the Despot of Markarth”, who had shady business with Mannimarco himself. Endless possibilities here. If we get the rest of Skyrim too, well, okay, I’ll take that. Maybe I’ll be finally able to understand what is going on with Morthal.

Sorry if there are some language mistakes, I’m not english.

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