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Potential new modded character idea. Help me out here.

TheElderScrolls13 - Potential new modded character idea. Help me out here.

Alright, so I am considering downloading the Echmer (Bat elves) race mod from the Uutak Mythos on Skyrim. However, if you read the Uutak Mythos, they closed their borders to all foreigners in the 4th era 190s due to a new disease, as well as many other catastrophic disasters happening in Ynslea. However, I am thinking this character can be an "agent" of the Ynslean Directorate. Similar to how the Empire has the Blades, and Penitus Oculatus, and how the Dominion has the Thalmor. So what if, I create the Echmer character and give him a strange background, with the alternate start mod? Like the College of Winterhold, or do Necromancer in a secret lair? Perhaps, he was accused of Necromancy in Ynslea, but instead of being killed like Nekros, he was exiled and not allowed to return unless he agreed to spy for the Ynslean Directorate/Council of Dull Chimes.

He could have spied on the Kamal, or another Akaviri nation already for a few years, but got caught, so was sent to Tamriel by his agency. Him being a shadowmage, or a necromancer would be a great cover, because nobody would suspect a necromancer being a secret agent, because most people just want to burn them at the stake on site. But I do not know how "lore friendly" it is for an Echmer to pursue necromancy, or become a lich (will be using Undeath) and yes I know the Uutak Mythos are not canon, but when I said "lore friendly" I meant within established fan fiction lore within the Uutak Mythos. I'd really appreciate it if someone can get IceFireWarden, aka Al Hatoor to comment on this post since he is the author of the Uutak Mythos. If I need to post this under the Elder Scrolls lore subreddit, or Skyrim game subreddit because it is not appropriate here, I will.

I want to use the Magical Classes, Themed Magic mod to play as a Shadowmage, since the Echmer love Shadow Magic, with them being bats, and all. They love Hrahndeyl, their hero god, and Nocturnal (but they don't call her that) as their primary deities. And I will use the Undeath mod to become a lich.


Since he is a secret agent. He will join a lot of factions with the intent to spy on them and report them back to Ynslea. He can spy on the College of Winterhold and also spy on Ancano. He can join the Civil War, and become a turncoat for the other side once he gets the Jagged Crown, and then by using the Second Great War mod, turn against that side, and join the Dominion, and help the Dominion conquer Skyrim. All the while reporting, and gathering information about the factions and reporting them to Ynslea. If he gets "caught" it can be "Oh he is a lich! He is a necromancer! Destroy him for disturbing the sacred dead!" and he gets in trouble for "the wrong thing." As nobody will ever suspect a powerful lich, or necromancer working for another power, most would suspect he just works alone. In Morrowind there was a Blades agent who was a Skooma addict and drug dealer, it is entirely possible that agencies can use characters with shady backgrounds, as nobody would suspect them. You'd just think the Skooma dealer is just a street informer on local gangs at most.

Use other "spy" quest mods like Agent of Righteous Might mod. Infiltrate the Agents of Righteous Might, and then in turn infiltrate the Mythic Dawn. You'd be spying on both groups. And you'd be reporting on the Mythic Dawn activities to the Agents of Righteous Might, as well as Ynslea Directorate.

Infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood assassinate the emperor, spy on the Brotherhood, and do the same with the Thieves Guild, become a Nightingale for Nocturnal, but not the Guild Master, spy on the guild for Ynslea.

If this is a little too much for one build, let me know. I'd really appreciate if the author of Uutak Mythos will comment here himself and give me suggestions. Because I don't want to do something out of character for the Echmer. They seem to really hate necromancy according to the mythos, but do not have a problem with shadow magic with it being associated with darkness, and Nocturnal, and the Bat Elves like the dark, because they're bats. Can my character still follow Hrahndeyl, and Nocturnal, or Namira at the same time? And be a lich on top of that? The only reason I wanted him to be a necromancer is because it can be a "cover operation" or can be kind of how law enforcement groups in real life use "informants" and "witness protection" programs. He was caught as a necromancer in Ynslea, and exiled unless agreed to work as a secret agent, got compromised in Akavir, then was sent to Tamriel. If the Necromancy and Lichdom is a bit much, I just won't turn him into a necromancer and won't use Undeath mod to become a lich, and will just use shadow magic. If someone can get IceFireWarden to post here, I would love it.

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