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Pretty long and most likely shitty idea for a possible Questline in TES 6

TheElderScrolls13 - Pretty long and most likely shitty idea for a possible Questline in TES 6

Ok so, I know this will be a shitty read, but please stay with me, ok?

The Idea is for a decently sized/large Questline, which would build up some characters and factions that could be used in future TES games.

The Questline would start in the marked area, which is relativly near to Cyrodiil and has some imperial influence in culture. Later it covers most of the Games area

You, the player, after having gained some notoriety with the people of Hammerfell and High Rock, encounter a stranded caravan on your travels. You approach the caravan, but some knights quickly order you to back off, when a huge beast, the likes you have never seen in Hammerfell or High Rock, bursts through the woods and attacks the caravan. You help slay the beast and the knights turn friendly and you can talk to them. Some of the knights, many of whom have old and respected names you recognise from your travels through the Illiac Bay, can give you small quests, such as delivering letters or fetching some small items. The more you help the Knights, the more you learn about the caravan.

It turns out, you haven't encountered some ordinary caravan, but a centuries old knightly order, devoted to protecting something of utmost importance to the future of Tamriel. You also learn that attacks similar to the one you've helped stop have been going on for years and it seems ever, but no matter how often you ask there seems to be no one willing, or able, to answer you, when asking about the reason behind the attacks.

Once you've gained the favour of the knights, a young man and women approch you, both dressed in highly ornate armour, the likes you've never seen before. It's instantly clear that, whatever is so important, these two have a direct connection with it. They ask you to deliver the head of one of the recently killed monsters to the mage of a nearby city, so that you can learn more about it and if there's a way to stop the monsters from attacking. The mage, upon examining the head, will be visibly upset and tell you that no such creature ever lived in either the Illiac Bay, nor all of Tamriel. The only plausible way such a beast could roam through the forests would be a deliberate attack by some of the most powerful mages in all of Tamriel summoning it and guiding it to attack you and the caravan. Before you leave, the mage warns you that who ever summoned the beast is no enemy to underestimate.

Returning to the site of the caravan, they have set up camp and one of the guards directs you to the tent in the middle of the camp, larger and more luxurious than any of the tents. In the tent you meet the two young people from before and an older women, seemingly their mother. You report your findings and the man nods, as if being told something he knew for a long time. He sends you on another mission, this time with one of the knights to unearth 'an old family heirloom'. The women informs you that the heirloom is stored on Alessian Island, which you have never heard of. She tells you that it's the best kept secret in all of Tamriel, guarded by the spirits of the ancient Dragonguard and housing the lost treasures of all the Empires. When you ask the mages in major cities about the island, they will make fun of you, claiming that no such thing exists.

The Island would be similar to this one, with it being dominated by the small Fort and no vegitation, animals or signs of Human settlement around

You take one of the knights and a small boat to the island and fight your way through a fort, clearly built in ancient times, but in pristene condition. After fighting your way to the heart of the building you see hundreds upon thousands of chests, armor stands and jewel boxes, clearly worth an unlimited amount of gold. The knight orders you to stay back and takes two chests with him. The two of you return to the camp and you are given your next task. You are to fetch a collection of books from the ruins of an old priory, but under no circumstances open or read them.

At the priory, which seems to be build in a nibanese style, rather than the local one, you fight some wild animals and bandits, that live in the ruins and gather the books. The collection includes a book on the amulet of Kings, the memoires of the first archbishop of the priory, a small notebook and a book on the Order of the Nine refounded by the Hero of Kvatch. You can choose to read all the books, except the notebook and memoires which are sealed shut. You return to the camp and the man, whose name you still do not know, thanks you and asks about the state of the priory. Upon hearing that it's in ruins, but now clear of bandits and wild animals, without any signs of locals comming there, he orders the camp to be leveled and the caravan to move to the priory. The women then asks you to step over and let's you in on the secret that in all your time with the camp, were never able to uncover. She and her brother are the descendants of Calaxes Septim, the second basterd son of Uriel Septim VII. He disaperad and it's rumoured that he was assasinated by the imperial guard, but in actuallity, he fled to the mountains of High Rock were he had children and lived out his life. After he had died on his deathbed, his cold body rose and uttered a prophecy, that would lead to the creation of the order and all the events that have happened in the last centuries. "When all is to be lost, my blood shall rise to the rescue and with it a new empire. And my blood shall bear the ensignia of old and the weapons of old and all that comes with it. Until then, no dragon may rest in Cyrodiil and no emperor shall rise to glory"

The women introduces herself as Kintrya Septim and her brother as Reman Septim. You can talk about the families history, learning that ever since that prophecy had been spoken, her ancestors were traveling all over Tamriel, accompanied by an ever growing number of Knights, fighting all that threatens Tamriel, including the Aldmeri Dominion, Dragons, Daedra and Vampires.

Kintrya offers to knight you, as a member of the Order of the Diamond and asks you to acompany them on their way to the priory, as she believes your help could become detrimental to the fulfilling of the prophecy.

The rebuild Priory would look something like this, located high in the Druadach Mountains


You help rebuild the Priory and are gifted a small part of it, acting as a player home.

Reman approches you, carrying a new sword, and tells you that he has been working on restoring the Amulet of Kings, the shattered remains of which you uncovered from alessian Island. He requires your help and sends you to fetch a small stone, which he believes to be found deep inside the crypts of Direnni Tower. Kintrya offers to assist you and the two of you travel to Direnni Tower. After gaining enterance, you descend deeper and deeper into the crypts, which at first are almost empty and give you the time to talk to Kintrya. You learn about how many of her ancestors have died persuing the prophecy and how it has torne the family apart on ocasion, some believed it to be a curse, seeing how many had already died. She tells you, how she is starting to have doubts about the prophecy, as for centuries her family has suffered under it and never once came close to the Imperial City. Afer a certain point, the crypts are populated by ghosts, lichs and other spirits that attack you on sight. You fight your way through the enemies and enter a small room, with the stone your looking for on a marble pedastle. Kintrya takes the stone and your about to leave when you find a small door. You open it, but can not enter, as the moment you blick into the emptiness of the doorway, you fall to the ground and start to have feaver dream like visions of the past, present and future

You awake in your bed in the Priory, with Reman and Kintrya hovering over your bed. You ask them what happened and they tell you how, after opening the door and entering the seemingly empty room, you were gone for hours, until you finally returned and collapsed instantly. Kintrya carried you back to the Priory and the Healers of the Order nursed you back to health.

By this Point, Reman is wearing Armour similar to this and the Sword of the Crusader

Reman tells you that, using the Stone from the Tower, he had the Amulett of Kings rebuilt and that he needs you to led the search for more artifacts. Over the years, his family has claimed most of the armour and weapons of the Divine Crusader, the most recent addition to their collection being the sword, you helped claim from alessian Island. Now only the Mace and Shield are missing, both of which are rumoured to be somewhere near the Illiac Bay. One of the knights enters, claiming that a skribe had confirmed the location of both pieces, one being deep inside the Alkir Desert, the other in a small castle of the coast of Glenumbra. He asks you which piece you'd like to uncover and sends you out with Kintrya. Both quests are similar, you enter a dungeon, fight some enemies, solve one or two puzzles and fetch the item. On you way out, you talk with Kintrya and it becomes increasingly clear that she is scared of the prophecy and not ready for all the burdens that come with it, but also that she believes in her older brother and the prophecy and wants him to become Emperor.

When you and Kintrya return to the Priory, it's again attacked by summoned beasts. This has been happening regularly and Reman decides that you have to stop who ever is trying to kill him and his family. The Knights of the Order come up with two theories, the Mede Emperors have learned of possible Septim heirs and are trying to eliminate their rivals or the Thalmor know of the Prophecy and want to end the blood line of Calaxes Septim, to prevent the Empire from rising to glory.

Reman sends out scouts to all major cities, to learn about the arrival or large groups of mages or people of unknown origin. After a few weeks of in game time, a courier sends for you and you return to the Priory. Reman has uncovered a possible location of Imperial Mages near Craglorn and Thalmor Mages of the coast of Stors M'kai. You and Kintrya infiltrate both the Imperial Camp and the Thalmor fleet, to find out that neither of them were behind the attacks, but here to study the monsters, as both factions see them as a threat to their security. A group of necromancers, trying to rebuilt Anumidium** were in fact responsile for the attacks, as they had learned of the prophecy and thought of Reman and Kintrya as threats to their plans.

Kintrya is wearing armour similar to this, showing that she is not ready to perform her duty as possible Emperess, but still willing to fight for her Brother

Together with all the knights of the Order and Remand, you and Kintrya storm the camp of the Necromancers, only to learn that most of them had relocated years ago. Only the ones responsible for the summoning of the monsters where still in High Rock. Reman and most of the Knights start a wild chase for the remaining necromancers and more importantliy the parts of Anumidium they have in their posession, while some Knights and Kintrya stay in High Rock, to keep the Priory alive and provide safe haven for the Order, should they ever need it. Before leaving Reman proclaims you Imperial Champion and gifts you a piece of the armour of the Crusader. Kintrya offers to follow you on your journey through High Rock and Hammerfell as a companion and friend.

Some weeks after the battle, you recieve a letter from Reman, offering you to join him and his knights at anytime in their hunt for the necromancers.

I had this idea when reading about Calaxes Septim, who actually exists and whose disaperance still is unsolved. Also, I'm a huge fan of the Empire, so I want a Septim to return it to glory.>

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