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(probably?) last word wall

TheElderScrolls3 - (probably?) last word wall


i didn't want to bring the mood down when we had reveals and stuff, but i guess now that we're more or less in the middle between BGD and the set coming out, i might as well post whatever i have in mind

i've uninstalled tesl about the time its part of BGD stream has ended. I don't want to be involved with this game anymore. Guess i'll go in detail with a handful of reasons why I'm doing so and, perhaps, reasons why you should consider it as well

1) Alliance War

I don't see why would I get hyped about this set as a whole. Tricolors became one of the most controversial things the game has to offer.

. Unlike ian, however, i didn't really ease down on my opinions about them, and the quote "surely this time it'll work" that he used often describes my feelings accurately. Frostspark collection, Isle of Madness and the few monthlies we've gotten since the client switch haven't done anything to fix, let alone tweak, tricolors in any capacity. Most of my problems with it stem from how the game felt before Morrowind, so bear with me:
  • Power creep – Class cards were made to be on average more powerful, which is cool – one card can change a class from being a laughing stock to a force to be reckoned with (Sower of Revenge back in the day, Ulfric's Housecarl pre-nerf), but then come tricolor cards with an even higher power level (crown example being Hand of Dagoth) on top of having access to class-cards. What even is the point of increased variance, when the average deck's power level is still much higher? Compare class' BEST POSSIBLE ratio of class cards to other cards (22% in Sorcerer) that no viable deck uses I should stress, to your average conscription telvanni (Negations, BHMs, Histmages, Catspaws, Scout's Reports, Queen Barenziah, Sun-in-Shadow, Red Bramman) who has 18/75, or 24%. And that's not including any of the optional choices, like Emeric, Distiller or Experiments. But that's not all – Tricolors lack what its respective classes had – a clear-cut weakness. Combine these two things and you get power creep. It also wasn't fixed in the last 7 months.

  • Results of higher variance – This was the main thing that was supposed to balance out tricolors, but it's slowly, but surely, becoming just another strength. Take tribunal. On turn 2 there are exactly 4 creatures Tribunal isn't able to instantly answer, given a right card in hand – these being Siege Catapult, Mournhold Traitor, Steam Constructor and Snow Wolf, but even for these they can play Ald Velothi Assassin. On turn 4, assuming Tribunal runs Lightning Bolts, there's close to a 60% chance either Bolt or Edict (at least one in total) are in tribunal's hand. Similarly for turn 5 and Javelin and Cast into Time. 38% for an on curve Ice Storm. For two colors, it's 75%, 80% and 60% respectively. This is assuming a full mulligan and no additional draw during the game. As such, your ability to reliably play around strong plays or important cards is vastly decreased. On top of that we have highrolls taken from classes and made even more infuriatingly random in tricolors, usually in form of Unique Legendaries like Ahnassi, Dawnbreaker, High King Emeric, Archcanon Saryoni (and, in the new set, Jorunn, maybe Sai Sahan?), but also chains of Hlaalu Oathmen, Hands of Dagoth, etc. mostly due to lower chance to occur, but still being disgustingly game-changing on play, all that on top of your normal RNG highrolls from Mudcrab, Suran, Manic Jack, Royal Sage, etc. I guess in the end you just end up with point 1, but i felt like highlighting that the supposed drawback of tricolors is probably anything, but that. The "statistics state otherwise" line of defense must be a joke of some sort, because you can't just reliably measure how depressing it feels to lose your game to a coinflip.

  • Balancing issues – if everything that has recently happened gameplay-wise shows us anything it's that changing cards or adding cards ends up with barely any difference for top decks of the meta, while significantly screwing lower tiers. Goblin Skulk, who – sure, annoying, highrolly and a staple in every green deck – was one of the big reasons behind success of green midrange decks, offered tons of versatility in the 0 cost played and was used in all sorts of decks, has been nerfed and since then the only deck that has changed in any way (out of old top tiers) was Aggro Hlaalu, who still kept running Firebrands. Telvanni before the patch also ran Skulk, but realized quickly that the bigger offender was Firebloom, so it just ditched the gobbo and kept their 0 magicka "hard removal". Meanwhile in lower tiers, Strike Monk took a major blow, Market decks took a major blow, Token Monk practically stopped existing and Green Midrange was a key tool shorter, opting for more frustrating Suran Pawnbroker. Nerfing Mastermind primarily dented two color decks, because tricolors could just run Silent Pilgrim, extra Camel or even niche stuff like Palace Conspirator to soften the blows. Unless it's specifically a tricolor card that gets nerfed, classes get the shorter end of the stick every single time.

You'd think any of these things would get dealt with before the other tricolors get introduced. This has not happened, instead opting for doubling down on a faulty mechanic that we currently have today.

2) Original game (or lack thereof)

This one will be incredibly short in comparison, but just as important – I want to be able to play original Legends the way it was initially designed. We only had one set that expanded on the core idea.

3) Gamemodes?

Because of our current state of gameplay, these would normally be our means to vent from what happens on ladder, but we ain't gotten anything. Chaos Arena, Gauntlets, Tournament Mode have all been mentioned a lot of times, and on the roadmap they were, I assume, positioned under "PvP events". So we should expect them in at least half a year. These things should've been in the game for a while already. No idea what's the hold up. Surely adding an alternate version of Arena for weekends with stipulations from Solo Arena isn't too big of a hassle.

4) it's just tiring to see the one person that was responsible for major chunk of the drama in last half a year still be glorified because "their videos were fun"

thanks for your support across all that time and i'm sorry this looks rushed, i'm probably too emotionally invested in this

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