The Elder Scrolls

Proposed Balance Changes in the Era of Tribunal

TheElderScrolls8 - Proposed Balance Changes in the Era of Tribunal

We know the problem. Let's get right to proposals and their whys:

Edict of Azura: Change to a Red/Yellow or Green/Yellow dual. Full gem refund. Why: no longer playable in Tribunal. And Azura is a Prince of Dawn and Dusk. Fleeting. Transient. Endurance made no sense for this card.

Cast into Time: Only removes from board and yard. Does not touch deck or hand. Obvious reasons. Piercing Twilight is ok as a one off. But 2 cards doing this is too many in a single format.

Hallowed Deathpriest: Mummifies highest cost opposing creature on board, not in hand. Again, messing with cards before they are played feels bad. Even MTG has all but stopped hand disruption because its unfun.

Therana: add 1 copy of the action to hand, not 3 in the deck.

Ayrenn: consider capping the cost of the action to be returned

Future Additions:


a 2/2, 3/3 or 4/2 creature that is untargetable. This punishes greedy control early, while letting aggro and Mid fight it out more or less fairly.

An action that places a card from the yard back on top of the deck or in hand. Again, pressure on control through Agile utilization of resources, but not in a swingy way.


A mid range 3/3 or 4/4 with Charge that also ignores Guards.

A 2/2 or 3/3 with Summon: Choose 1: Deal 2 damage, Silence a creature or return an enemy creature to its owners hand.


The ideas here: versatility and end arounds to snatch games from overly greedy, one cresture/card per turn control decks. These cards force them to play more creatures and contest the board.


Support and spot removal, and Plot based Silencers.. Seriously how did we get to a place where a class called ASSASSIN is the WORST in the game at both Silencing and Killing stuff? That class is called Assassin but plays more like Druid.

Seriously get the ASSASSIN class some damned removal. And it should have the best plot based cards in the game.


One or two spells that buff a creatures power significantly while simultaneously lowering health. This puts control in the position of worrying over Alpha strikes from the (for some fucking reason) best class in the game at Silence.

One last drastic solution to consider: give us the other 3 color combinations. Then turn three color into it's own format, with 5 card openers and a one turn only Ring. Five cards because decks are 75 cards. One turn only Ring because 3 turns is broken as hell anyway.

Tl:dr: You've got enough free time to surf Reddit. Read the whole thing or please move politely along and have a great day.

Thanks for reading.

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