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[PS4] Newbie Questions About ESO Purchasing

TheElderScrolls5 - [PS4] Newbie Questions About ESO Purchasing

First off, I want to apologize if I missed this answer in the previous posts and thank everyone who responds to my idiotic questions. I want to state that I prefer console games over PC (computer sucks and is on it's last legs). My only experience with Elder Scrolls was Skyrim on my Xbox 360 which I fell in love with and have always gone back to over the years. However, I wanted to try the ESO and have recently purchased a PS4.

I have never had a console that is hooked up to the Wi-Fi nor am I the most technological person so I don't fully understand it all yet and how they all link together. If I'm looking at purchasing ESO, do I have to buy a copy of the base game first? Physical or digital and it's fine? Having a ESO Plus membership seems to pay off more so than to buy all the DLCs individually and you get more perks overall, and saving coins seem to pay for chapters released later so you don't have to pay for them out of pocket if you're patient enough.

What I think I'm trying to understand is, if you get an ESO membership the game isn't automatically accessible to PS4, right? I think it's required to have the disc in any version as long as it's purchased. Or is the physical version better? I'd think a game of that magnitude would take up a lot of storage to install from the store. And if I get the Standard Edition (Tamriel Unlimited), do I also purchase a ESO membership on top of that and all the DLCs and past chapters (excluding Greymoor) are playable currently on the PS4 console? Or do I still have to purchase the DLCs separately because it's a console game?


Because the base game is cheapest and if I could link that to the ESO membership (anywhere between $14.99-139.99 depending on subscriptions) and not have to purchase other more expensive editions like collector editions or DLC packs that add up, than that's obviously better. But I want to make sure I have complete understanding of the topic before I start buying things and find out I don't know what I'm doing at all or misunderstood.

Hopefully that made sense, it seems slightly confusing even to myself while rereading this, but I'm still trying to get the hang of the concepts still. Since I've never had internet access linked to my 360, any DLCs I've had were physical disc copies on later GOTY or Complete Editions that came out. And the couple of games I've added DLCs to on the PS4 didn't have other company subscriptions possible since I primarily game on single-players. Now though, I want to try and get more involved in gaming with others but don't fully see where the lines between physical and invisible connect. Thanks for taking the time to read this and to help me get things through my thick skull.

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