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[Ps4] Random vet dungeon queue

TheElderScrolls5 - [Ps4] Random vet dungeon queue

After never really having an issue with solo queues for vet dungeons, I ran into back to back nightmare dungeons.

I'm a necro healer main, cp560, got every skill i think i need. Got eso+ again this month for new dungeons.

I Habitually queue vet dungeons to farm monster sets doing xp daily. I know if i get a dlc dungeon it's a lot harder, so I'll get a guide ready if i need to relearn mechs. I've random queued many before at lower levels without problems.

I think I'm competent enough that all but a few dungeons should be easily doable if we're on the same level.

Thought i was up to the challenge, but I wasn't prepared for what happened.

1st random group is for vet stone garden. Done it already, so I'm confident we should get on our werewolf way and get another helm.

Check cp. 3 810's. Sweet, should breeze. They're buds, great. A quick dungeon and I'll be on to other things.

I see the tank is a little squishy, takes a fair number of 1 shots, It's a problem throughout. Fake tank, I'll push through with the 810's tho, I'm confident we can get through this, boss is werewolf pushover.

DPS a little lacking. Not 1 to judge but i was part of a group of lesser leveled people who destroyed this dungeon earlier, they're a casual 810 group whatever. Dungeon wasn't hard we can get it.

No hard mode, thank God.

We get to boss. Finally the tank problems really show. Constantly running away, can't tank. Very little Group cohesion. We get deep a few times but die to everyone flailing once tank dies. It's obvious the tank is the problem.

Group member asks if I can tank.


I'm a healer, no. No other toons.

"Sorry we're gonna have to kick you so our buddy can PLAY HEALER"



Queue again, i want a random monster helm and my 100k xp dammit.

Fang Lair.

Done before, don't remember much. We go through the motions, no real hangups.

Get to final boss. We're doing it hard mode.

We wipe.

Hard mode again.

What? Y hm?


Ok, I didn't know random vet dungeon meant I'm going hard mode for a collectible but I'm game.

Wipe again, dps quits. Get a ringer.

Get very deep a couple times but die. Wall. Poison. Couldn't find potion. Teammate steals potion then can't res me even tho i have res ult. Hurts.

Chat starts berating.

"Healer easiest role btw" "shouldn't be dying" "HEALER" (only constructive comment was) "no debuffs just heal"

One final lame attempt and the tank says "never queue vet dungeon again, 0 brain cells" "doesn't even know what crushing shock is" "can't even interrupt the boss"

Group kicks me.

Now I'll be honest, I've never been asked to use crushing shock for interrupt. Still haven't been asked. Just yelled at for not having it slotted and using bash like a "no frontal lobe" dingus.

I'm open to learning, and enjoy being an effective healer. I didn't know we were looking for a ranged interrupt this boss fight, and didn't think to use crushing shock.

Thanks to the team for kicking me and validating the verbally abusive tank, wonder why that tank couldn't find a healer to queue with him to get the "personality" he so covets.


Eso random Vet dungeons = no problems

Eso+ random vet dungeons = caustic nightmare you might lose 4 hours trying to complete.

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