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[PSA] Prepare For ESO’s Longest and Biggest Event Ever (5 Weeks)

TheElderScrolls3 - [PSA] Prepare For ESO's Longest and Biggest Event Ever (5 Weeks)

Ya I know the Jester's Festival still has 20 hours left, but this Thursday will mark the 5th Anniversary of ESO's launch on PC/Mac and ZOS has quite the event planned. Although no official start time has been announced, it has started on April 4th each of the last three years so it's a good bet it's coming this week! Here are the details from the PTS testing:



#Comment 5771082 - [PSA] Prepare For ESO's Longest and Biggest Event Ever (5 Weeks)



Anniversary Jubilee


The Anniversary Jubilee is coming back, bigger and better than ever, in celebration of ESO's upcoming fifth anniversary (Holy Aedra, has it been that long already?) and you can test it on the PTS starting now!


  • Chef Donolon will return, ready to bake a brand-new cake for you. This cake is extra-special, however – not only does it grant the usual +100% EXP bonus, it is sweetroll-flavored and will grant you 2 Event Tickets the first time you eat from it each day while the fifth anniversary event is active!
  • To celebrate this incredible milestone, this year's Anniversary Jubilee will last five weeks. Each week will celebrate a different facet of the game and a different member of the Five Companions, the group of heroes who joined up with you to stop Molag Bal's machinations.

    • During each week of the event, a different Companion's unique equipment will be available as Outfit Styles, both from the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes obtained during that week, and on sale from the Impresario.
  • Only the daily quest types listed below will grant an Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box during their given week.

    • Week 1 (The Prophet): Crafting Writs
    • Week 2 (Lyris Titanborn): Delve & World Boss Dailies
    • Week 3 (Abnur Tharn): Cyrodiil dailies
    • Week 4 (Sai Sahan): Undaunted Pledges and Trial Weekly quests
    • Week 5 (All Companions): All daily quests in the game, offering all four Companions' outfit styles
  • In addition to the highlighted Companion's Outfit Styles for that week, Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes' contents have been adjusted.

    • The Jubilee Gift boxes this year can provide one of over 40 Crafting Motifs (or their Style Items). You can expand the window below for the full list.
      • Abah's Watch
      • Akaviri
      • Aldmeri Dominion
      • Ancient Orc
      • Apostle
      • Ashlander
      • Assassins League
      • Bloodforge
      • Buoyant Armiger
      • Celestial
      • Daggerfall Covenant
      • Dark Brotherhood
      • Dead-Water
      • Draugr
      • Dreadhorn
      • Dro-m'Athra
      • Dwemer
      • Ebonheart Pact
      • Ebonshadow
      • Elder Argonian
      • Fang Lair
      • Glass
      • Hlaalu
      • Huntsman
      • Malacath
      • Mazzatun
      • Mercenary
      • Minotaur
      • Morag Tong
      • Order of the Hour
      • Outlaw
      • Psijic
      • Pyandonean
      • Redoran
      • Sapiarch
      • Scalecaller
      • Silken Ring
      • Silver Dawn
      • Telvanni
      • Thieves Guild
      • Trinimac
      • Welkynar
      • Worm Cult
      • Xivkyn
      • Yokudan
    • Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes also now contain a chance at Jewelry Crafting materials, both raw and refined – including a very small chance at Chromium Plating.
    • Mother of Pearl and Clam Gall have been added to the potential Alchemy reagents found in Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes.
    • To make room for these additions, the rate of obtaining previous Furnishing Materials and Motifs were slightly lowered.
  • Finally, the Shimmering Indrik Pet will be available for purchase from the Impresario during the event for 10 Event Tickets.

    • This will be available only during the final week of the Anniversary Jubilee.



It doesn't mention this, but you should also be able to purchase the first berry, the Luminous Berries of Bloom, for the
Luminous Indrik morph from this event as we will have officially entered Q2.


I'm also hopeful that for the 5th anniversary month we will see some sweet daily login rewards as the last few months have been disappointing to most. We'll find that out in about 7 hours.


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