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PSA: Soul Summon Nerfed Cards Today

TheElderScrolls14 - PSA: Soul Summon Nerfed Cards Today

There's an argument to made that soul summoning nerfed cards is a little counterproductive as they've just gone down in powerlevel, but with the new refund system that gives you gems regardless of whether you soul trap the cards or not this is a great time to round out your collection if you're missing copies of any of the affected cards.

New policy for those who may've missed it:

You will get to keep your card and the next time you log in to Legends (within three weeks), we will simply credit your account with the difference in Soul Gems between its Soul Summon cost and its Soul Trap value, based on how many copies of each card you own (up to three).


For example, if you own two copies of an Epic card that got nerfed, we will give your account 600 Soul Gems (since the difference between creating an epic card and Soul Trapping it is 300 Gems each). After this, you can either Soul Trap the card (which should give you the original 800 Gems back in case you Summoned them to begin with), or you can keep the card in addition to the 600 Gems you just got. This will be the case regardless of how you acquired the cards, so you don’t have to keep track of what you summoned, opened in packs, and so on.

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