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PvP Nightblade healer build

TheElderScrolls11 - PvP Nightblade healer build

I'm in love with my NB healer, and felt like I should share. This build is great for topside or BGs tho it really shines in smaller groups (4-10 ppl). I apologize in advance for spelling errors and vague descriptions of skills I can't remember the name of fully.

Race: high elf (not a must, just what I had) Sets: five heavy allesian impenetrable trait on all pieces, tri state enchanting on big pieces magika on small(2: health 3:spell resistance 4: physical resistance 5:1% of your combined spell/physical resistance will be turned into health recovery). 2nd set: beekeepers Jewelry, restoration staff, sword & shield. (2: health 3: health recovery 4:health recovery 5: a lot more health recovery) Jewelry glyphs and traits: I made my 3 jewelry pieces protective and enchanted all 3 with mag recovery. Weapons: I like decisive on my sword, impen on shield, and powered on restoration staff. Enchants are dealers choice, I use snare poisons and cost poisons because I do no damage, but want the utility to help my allies.

Food and mundus: steed and gold food citrus filet a must.

Helm and shoulders: monster sets varies to dealers choice, I've found choke thorn, or bogdan, or engine guardian work great. Also the obvious choice of troll king is great as well, but this build is so tanky, that the added heals from choke thorn or bogdan preform best. 2heavy, or 1- 1 or 1- 6 all work. Stats unbuffed except food and PvP zone health buff: 30k health, 26-28k magika, 15k stam, 1.8k mag recovery, 3k health recovery, 1.6k spell damage, physical and spell resistance 30kish each, spell crit is like 30% on restoration, 20% on s&b.

Abilities and bar setup: Before I go into these I want to explain what this build relies on for performance. NB has a sacrificing heal (malevolent offering I believe it's called) that puts a true damage dot on the player wile giving a burst heal to lowest player in front of you. This dot will stack the more you spam said heal. With your high health recovery, and the h.o.t. rapid regeneration from restoration treeline, this build can spam malevolent offerings as much as you like and your health will fluctuate between 92% to 100% health at max stack of true damage returns (9 stacks is max I can put out which is 309 x 9 per second or 2781 damage a second) . To put this in perspective it's like a templar healer spamming honor the dead while block canceling 9 times in a row as fast as possible to get to the same rate of burst heals. Now since malevolent offerings can't heal yourself, your defense lies in your sneaky cloaking NB capabilities, high def + recovery, and hots. I also use the blessing of protection ability morphed into the bigger heal + area affect morph. This allows me a burst heal to me and others in an aoe wall of healing. You could use the morph that gives 8% damage, but in no cp the heal is negligible, and I wanted it as the other to maximize healing to myself and others.


Restoration bar: 1:blessing of protection 2: malevolent offerings 3: cloak (sneaky not self healing)4: rapid regeneration 5:mage light/flex spot. Ultimate is restoration ulti, w/e morph, till next when I'd go defense morph.

Sword&board: 1: psijic speed boost (next patch this will gain snare removal and will make this build truly untouchable) 2: malevolent offerings again ( I like to have it on both bars because I've found in the heat of healing, this defense bar needs it) 3: teleport shade morph. 4: cloak again (you don't have to run it on both, if u like replace cloak on the restoration bar with another heal like orbs or purge for maximum bar efficiency) 5: veiled blade or whatever the magika morph of suprise attack that lets u move faster in cloak/stealth. Ultimate is dealers choice, I use the nb ultimate heal.

Champions points I won't go into, this build is simple, and easy to play, but if you can't fine tune your own cp to maximize this build, ill give super vague answers in the comments below.

If you have gotten this far, then that's it, enjoy your new super tanky, heavy burst healing, crazy regeneration healer. My first bg in a high tier match after making this I went 1-0-0 with 78k damage and 1.9m healing done! Highest damage dealers in the match hit 1.1m damage in comparison. When you get focused, just vanish, reposition, heal, vanish, reposition, heal, ect. Be aware tho the salty whispers will be in abundance, have fun!

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