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PvP stamina sorcerer master two handed build (written out)

TheElderScrolls7 - PvP stamina sorcerer master two handed build (written out)

Last Tuesday I brought my stamina master sword brawler sorc for raid, and it preformed great for coordinated group bombs. The drive by cleaves were hitting groups for 7-8k crits and that made me very happy, so I figured I'd write out my build in hopes that 1 or 2 more tanky cleavers could join cyrodil.

Orc stam sorc 6 heavy 1 medium armor, 2hnder and duel wield. 5 heavy new moon acolyte or 4&1 if you want medium on belt to maximize armor efficiency. Helm and shoulders heavy troll king, all armor is impenetrable (obviously). 3 robust endurance rings all weapon damage enchants. Master 2hnder and black rose duelweild with nirnhoned main weapons, and crit offhand, weapon damage + enchant for 2hnd, and poisions of choice duelweild.

Twohnder bar: 1: reverse slice (aoe morph for group play) 2: brawler ( carve morph could be applied since its group and the bleeding is nice, but the shielding goes a long way with your health recovery at play) 3: rally 4:bound armorments 5: camo Hunter ultimate: negate/dawnbreaker/twohnd ultimate. Duelweild bar: 1: quick cloak (movment speed and black rose proc effect of 30% damage mitigation for 3 seconds). 2:ball of light streak. 3: aoe healing vigor (I had the selfish morph when I used it due to this being a BG build, but for group play utility is key). 4: hurricane armor/aoe damage. 5: dark conversion(the morph that trades your Magika for stamina. This skill is paramount to your sustainability and will keep you robust for any fight). Ultimate: atronach ( no real flex on this one, you need a skill from that specific skill line on each bar to get a huge recovery bonus). The stats are based off my memory, but I will do my best to not exaggerate. Cyrodil, warrior mundus and gold arteum broth buffs only stats are : 28k health 11k Magika 32ish k stam 1.9k health recovery 1.3k stamina recovery 3.3k weapon damage ( on 2hnder with no other buffs like rally or weapon enchant proc, I think in cyro with buff I'm at 4.6kish wd) 33%ish weapon crit. 19k unbuffed resitances 2.9k crit resistance.


Gameplay tips: this build is simple, cleave and weave, execute when low target presents itself. You engage when targets are called by streaking forward into imovability pot, into quick cloak right as your approching cleave distance, barswap and…. Light att/weave cleave into biggest clump of players you can find. I've hit 4.3k crits with my cleave on solo targets (no not just the noobs, lol). Each additional target adds 1.5k damage to the cleave 9000 extra damage if you hit 6 people divided by half for PvP is 4.5k extra damage on top of the standard tooltip. You can cleave 4-5 times before you need to streak away and recover stamina, rinse and repeat.

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