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PvP’ers, please help me to decide on a PvP main!

TheElderScrolls7 - PvP'ers, please help me to decide on a PvP main!

Hey guys, this is another one of those "can't find a class" threads, hope you don't mind.

I'm a so called WoW (classic) and GW2 "refugee", and I so far love what I've seen here in ESO.

I already have a lvl 40 magsorc but after so many years playing magic based chars in WoW I feel like trying a stamina based one instead.

I love the RP aspect of ESO, but also PvP as I mentioned. I want a class that I can put in good time into and explore the game whilst doing solid damage in PvP. In other words I'm searching for a DPS focused class with insane burst, fun gameplay, preferably a "non-tank looking character" (RP & I'm not a fan of sword and shield, but I might try it if it's needed for the build, I usually play medium/light armor characters). Also I'm mostly playing solo/1vX, both BG's and Cyrodiil. But always alone, don't have any friends playing so I'll be roaming alone 🙂

The builds/classes I'm considering atm are:

  • Stamcro – Played a necro in GW2 and love the dark magic aspect to them. Not sure about the gameplay though, don't like the fact that they rely on placing stuff on the ground/pets (always found that clunky), but I might consider it.
  • Stamblade – I never really got into the rogue class in WoW but might do it in ESO. Seems like a nice blend between a hunter class and a rogue/warrior. Though, I don't want to be fully reliant on stealth, which seems to be a must, not sure… I love the dark brotherhood though, and it goes very well with the class fantasy. Also love bows as a weapon (which is not only used for buffs/heals etc).
  • StamDK – Just found out about this class, seems like fun! A bit tankier, but I'm liking the magic aspect of the class with the dragon's breath etc. Not sure about the burst though? And not sure If I really like the spikes on the back lol.
  • Stamden – Seems very healer focused, not sure about that. Burst looks insane though. Never really liked heal-centered classes and their class fantasy.
  • Stamplar – This is the one that spams jabs right? Seems OP asf. VERY tanky looking class though, which I dislike as I mentioned.
  • Stamsorc – Looks cool, but I think I'd rather prefer a dark magic based magic/stam class (necro).

SORRY for the wall of text and all my questions. Hope you can give me some insights as I'm quite new to the game (about 30 hours in). Also I've already asked some streamers about this, but mostly get the "all classes is fun/I play all" answer, hence my question here.

Thanks, and see you in-game 🙂

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