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So I've made my first Redguard Warden, and I have to admit it's a lot of fun. In order to find faster dungeons I figured that I'd play it as a tank, equipped 1h/s, a taunt, heavy gear and passives, some defensive skills, you get the idea. I figured that once I hit 50 I'd respec everything and make a stam dd build instead. He's level 32 currently, finding a great deal of success in pug normal dungeons.

However, playing tank has grown on me. It's pretty damn fun. I've been considering continuing to play as a tank, but not only do I have concerns about Warden in general being an effective tank (I mean beyond normal dungeons), but Redguard passives are literally begging you to play a stam dd build. It doesn't favor tanking at all, unless you make a weird self heal spam build on stamina or something.


I know that in ESO anything goes, any race or class can play any role and so on, but I rather like being competitive and I want the absolute best advantage.

To cut it short, if I want to make a tank useful all the way to end game content like trials and vMA and so on, would a Redguard Warden not be it? Should I focus this guy on being a dd instead (as I originally intended), and create a new Imperial DK for tanking purposes?

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