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Questions from a Casual Healer Warden

TheElderScrolls13 - Questions from a Casual Healer Warden

I have over 100 hours in ESO on a CP150 warden. I have never been serious about the game though, as I was with WoW. A lot of the appeal of this game is that it seems far more content than other MMOs to be casual. None of the outfits I have seen fill me with yearning to go raid, there don't seem to be any major perks to being max level. You just chill in the Elder Scrolls universe and do whatever.

To the point then; these are some questions I've had now that I'm playing once again:

-I have found a grand total of one healer warden guide. Without anything to compare it to, does it seem up to date and a good guideline?

-I enjoy doing daily dungeons, and I'm not motivated to really do anything harder. Is later content including Veteran Dungeons or "Trials" much harder, or is it still relatively easy to complete?

-Champion levels seem like a grind for grind's sake. You incrementally increase existing stats like Blessed (+x% healing). Given that enemies scale with your level, doesn't this mean that your actual effects in game will be roughly the same regardless of level? Furthermore, besides hitting 810 for the sake of it, is there much reason to be 810 as opposed to level 50 CP 0?

-Do skill points continue to increase after level 50? Supposedly finding 3 shards will give you a skill point, but I have more than enough skill points for everything but passives with only one zone cleared.


-I have almost no understanding of professions. I make runes because those seem the most simple, but I would like to be able to make the food and potions recommended in the guide linked. Or at least some buff food, because my HP is woefully low at ~12,000, and I often get 2-shot by bosses in normal dungeons. Is there an easy way to farm and create HP/MP buff food? For now I hoard the daily reward chickens in case of tough dungeons.

-Is there a point to the guilds or other skill 'levels' besides unlocking the actual skills? Undaunted, for example, I'm working towards the orb skill per the guide. But once I get it I don't see a reason to get from level 4 with the guild to 5. Or likewise to get my destruction staff up to level 5.

-Are any of the DLC dungeons worth it from either a gear or scenery perspective? I unlocked Moongrave Fane per the guide, but that's it. I like the tropical lush dungeons but few if any of the dlc dungeons seem to offer that based on the store images.

-The guide and some posts I've read make healers' role seem largely buff oriented, rather than healing. Because healing is secondary skills like Combat Prayer or Aggressive War Horn are the priority for me whenever we face a boss. Is this right? Are there any other buffs I should definitely have slotted? For now when I encounter a boss I put up those two then try to keep Elemental Drain and Swarm on them, while making sure no one in my party falls below 50% health.

Thanks for reading & responses if you made it this far.

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