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Questions from a new ESO player: Loving the game, but I have too many questions.

TheElderScrolls8 - Questions from a new ESO player: Loving the game, but I have too many questions.

NOTE: Sorry for the wall of text, I'm a new redditor. I'm still not sure how to navigate the site well, so If my questions have answers somewhere here, just tell me where I can find them and how to do so. That would cut down on the large number of questions I have about the game, and I'd hate to be a bother.

I bought ESO when Elsweyr was released and when I had a group of regular players to game with, but that group has kind of died out now. I played a bit of Skyrim, but didn't get into it because I' not a huge fan one single playet games. I'm having a blast playing more seriously, but I'm 100% certain I'm not optimizing my builds properly(even though I've looked at alqast guides, other sites, and youtube), gaining experience and gold as quickly as a long time player would be, or even taking part in combat correctly (as it's much more nuanced than most games I usually play).

Now that I'm quarantined, I have way too much time to play ESO, but it's been taking a long time trying to get to level 50 on one character.

In a facebook group, I saw someone at level 810(CP, I think it is), and he supposedly did it in one day, which seems really unrealistic. I'm not sure if mods are a thing in this game, but I don't want them if they do exist.

However, I would like to get each of my characters to level 50 (or just at the end game) so I can focus on the more intiricate parts of the game. I have a character for each class available. Including the Warden. I took a friends advice, and have focusrd a lot of attention on one character to do most of the crafting. Most are still below tenth level, but I have three that are a bit stronger;

  1. A lvl 40 Templar (Stamina DPS)
  2. A lvl 35 Dragonknight (Magicka DPS)
  3. A lvl 21 Necromancer (Idk what build I'll be going for, but if I can go melee with it, that would be cool).

How have you fine redditors gotten your characters to 50 as quickly as possible? I can do the slow grind if I need to, but this game ia significantly more complicated than most MMORPG's I've played, and I think the shut down is the best time to try and learn as many tips, tricks, secrets, etc…

I have used full sets of training gear, but the buddy who as made some for me before has since stopped playing.

I would love to get a hold on more training gear, and if any of you fine people would be able to help with that, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm also quite curious about the following things: 1. How do attribute points work, and what exactly do they affect beyond your max in that stat? 2. How does damage stack when you involve other effects like poisons and breach effects when placed with enchantments on weapons and armor? 3. Are homes really just excuses to spend millions of gold pieces or real money? Is there really a point to them besides being able recall somewhere without having to pay? 4. What skill lines are really beneficial for the classes and which ones aren't really worth the time?

Again, sorry for the wall of text. Thanks in advance for any help.

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