The Elder Scrolls

Quests to Avoid (DLC starters and prologues)

TheElderScrolls2 - Quests to Avoid (DLC starters and prologues)

If you decide to play in chronological order, perhaps this quick reference will help keep you from wandering off.

Aldmeri Dominion / Daggerfall Covenant / Ebonheart Pact
Starting City: Vulkhel Guard, Auridon / Daggerfall, Glenumbra / Davon's Watch, Stonefalls
Capital City: Elden Root, Grahtwood / Wayrest, Stormhaven / Mournhold, Deshaan

Quest Giver / Location / DLC / Quest Name (click box to reveal)
Star-Gazer Herald / capital city / Craglorn / "The Star-Gazers"
Stuga / starting city / Orsinium / "Invitation to Orsinium"
Quen / outlaws refuge / Thieves Guild / "Partners in Crime"
Amelie Crowe / outlaws refuge / Dark Brotherhood / "Voices in the Dark"
|Alessio Guillon / local Inns / Morrowind / "Missing Prophecy"
|Rhea Opacarius / Cloudy Dregs Inn (Wayrest) / Morrowind / "Missing Prophecy"
– Alessio directs you to Rhea.
|"The Order of the Eye" / starting city / Clockwork City / "Of Knives and Long Shadows"
|Eldrasea Deras / capital city / Clockwork City / "To the Clockwork City"
– Eldrasea starts the MAIN quest while The Order of the Eye starts the prologue
Vanus Galerion / starting city / Summerset / "Through a Veil Darkly"
– Vanus will appear as part of other quests, just avoid him when he's calling to you in the Mages Guilds; "Over here! We have much to discuss, you and I".
|"Cyrodilic Collections Needs You" / starting city / Murkmire / "Ruthless Competition"
|Concordia Mercius / starting city / Murkmire / "Ruthless Competition"
– The flyer directs you to Concordia.
Anais Davaux / starting city / Elsweyr / "The Demon Weapon"
|Hinzuur / starting city / Dragonhold / "The Dragonguard's Legacy"
|Kasura / starting city / Dragonhold / "The Dragonguard's Legacy"
– Hinzuur directs you to Kasura.
– While active, this quest can interrupt the MAIN quest. It must be completed or abandoned to fix the issue.
|Scout Gunthe / starting city / Greymore / "The Coven Conspiracy"
|Lyris Titanborn / starting city / Greymore / "The Coven Conspiracy"
– Gunthe directs you to Lyris. Like Vanus, Lyris appears in other quests. Just pretend she isn't hanging out in the Fighters Guild.
|"House Ravenwatch Contract" / capital city / Markarth / "Dreamwalk into Darkness"
|Gwendis / capital city / Markarth / "Dreamwalk into Darkness"
– The contract directs you to Gwendis.

  • Craglorn and Morrowind are now part of the Base Game
  • Most of these are prologue quests and the main quests can be started in the DLC Zones.
  • Quest names added if you need to abandon them in your Quest Log.

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