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Quitting ESL and I think it’s important SparkyPants understands why

TheElderScrolls9 - Quitting ESL and I think it's important SparkyPants understands why

I love ESL. I think it's a fantastic card game. I've purchased all of the precons, stories and welcome bundles. I play multiple CCG's and ESL is arguably the most fun to play for me.

However, ESL's quest system has driven me away from this game. As a father I have limited time to play, and when I do have time to play I want to play the decks that I enjoy. ESL's quest system doesn't allow me to do this.

The quests in ESL are far too niche and require very specific decks to complete. Some quests are so difficult that I'd have to play maybe 10-20 games with that deck in order to complete the quest. Attack and kill 30 creatures with dragons. Kill 15 enemy creatures with cover.

I know the advice that will be given, re-roll the quests or complete them in story mode. Re-rolling can only get you so far, you're still quite unlikely to be able to play the deck you want to play. As for completing quests in story mode, this is not fun and feels like a chore. Now I could just never complete any quests, but that's just not the nature of CCG's. You need to complete quests to obtain the free resources and be able to play the game.

Having played Hearthstone, MTGA and Eternal, I've never once felt burnt out by their quest systems. The quests are either easy enough to complete or can be completed using a large variation of decks.

I appreciate that some people may enjoy the challenge of completing the niche quests, however as someone with limited time, all I want to do is log in and play a deck I enjoy vs other players for a couple of games. I don't want to play 5 games vs AI with a silly deck simply to obtain free resources so that I can maybe one day play the game the way I want to play it.


I can't be the only player that feels this way and I don't understand what SparkyPants achieve through this quest system. Other CCG's have proven success through easily completed quests, I don't think it will hurt SparkyPants to do the same.

My suggestion to SparkyPants would be to give players the choice each day. A simple quest which can be completed through many decks (play 30 X color or Y color cards, deal 60 damage to the enemy player etc.), or a more complex quest. The complex quests can give greater rewards than the simpler quests. This choice will allow players who enjoy the challenge of complex quests to enjoy the game the way they want to, whilst allowing players with less free time to be able to enjoy the game the way we want to.

I do love this game and would love to be able to come back one day, but with the current quest system I'm not finding enjoyment in the game and therefore have to say goodbye for now.

I understand this is going to receive negative reactions considering my audience is people who still play the game, but I still feel it's important that people understand that this viewpoint on the game exists, and I won't be the only one who has this problem. I don't think it would hurt the game to simply allow players more choice with their quests.

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