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Random tips + some Wallpapers

TheElderScrolls14 - Random tips + some Wallpapers

Precognition (morph of Undo from Psijic line) + Boss CC's

The Ultimate 'Undo' (Precognition morph) can get you out of Boss Crown Control mechanics in dungeons. This is showing breaking out of the pin during the first boss of Fungal Grotto 2. You can also get out of the pin from the first Werewolf boss in Moon Hunter Keep. That being said the amount of times this works on boss mechanics is few and far between (Doesn't work on first boss in Depths on Malatar, the Hunger world boss in Vvardenfell)

Doing the same survey map back to back

You can hold multiple copies of the same survey but they are ALL account bound. Doing daily crafting writs are the most reliable way of getting these

Doing the same Treasure map back to back

Treasure Maps are not account/character bound BUT you can only hold 1 of each in your inventory at the same time.

Warden's Frozen Gate

Last year I accidentally found Warden's Frozen Gate (Teleport synergy morph) can get allies out of being stuck in geometry.

It can also warp allies out of the cages in White Gold Tower on the harvester boss.

Still have yet to find a single pug group that will actually use the damn synergy though

Hard locking onto enemies

Note: I have no clue what the key bind for this is, I only play console

If you hold R3 (push in on the right analog stick and keep it held down) while targeting an enemy, they will now have a white glow around them.

This will hard lock them onto you, and make that enemy easier to hit when they are near other enemies.

This for some reason allows for less input lag for damage parses (Higher damage on the same rotation)

This also works in PVP. If the enemy you have hard locked kills you, they will have the white outline remain on them until the enemy dies. You will be able to see the enemy through walls and across absurd distances.



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