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Rate my current mod load order [PS4]

TheElderScrolls12 - Rate my current mod load order [PS4]

Hello, I'm starting a new save and would like the more experienced players to take a look at my load order and see if my mods are in good places, I don't have many issues to begin with but some of them are new and I'd also like more info and tips on some of these mods based on user experience. I will list them all in order, they are as follows:

  1. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
  2. H.A.S.T.E
  3. Boneyard Bug (kept encountering a bug where I couldn't get the Elder Scroll, this helps with that)
  4. Obsidian Weathers
  5. World Encounters Overhaul
  6. Forgotten Dungeons (PS4)
  7. More Bandit Camps By Skillest
  8. The Great Cities by Soldierofwar
  9. Magical College of Winterhold
  10. Fallen Trees
  11. FOS – Forests of Skyrim – PS4
  12. MAP – Project Hippie (PS4)
  13. Lampposts of Skyrim:Special Edition
  14. Word Walls Relocated (PS4)
  15. Better Combat AI
  16. Immersive Movement
  17. Fair Stagger
  18. Aetherius – A Race Overhaul
  19. Mundus – A Standing Stone Overhaul
  20. Mysticism – A Magic Overhaul
  21. Adamant – A Perk Overhaul
  22. Vampire Lord Perks Expanded
  23. Werewolf Perks Expanded
  24. Faster leveling (disabled because idk if it will conflict with Adamant Perk Overhaul)
  25. Infinite Weapon Charge
  26. Conjuration Tweaks – No more summon absorption and new Karstag summon
  27. Instant Shouts – But Not For Draugr
  28. Resurrection (simple spell mod to resurrect a dead npc or creature)
  29. Luminous Atronachs
  30. Unleveled Items
  31. Dog Followers are Huskies – No Barking – Silent Stealth
  32. Undying Loyalty – Followers are Essential
  33. Dragon Tweaks (makes dragons stronger and lets them use Alduin's meteor shout)
  34. Better Loot (Treasure Hunter Edition)
  35. Rich Merchants of Skyrim: Special Edition
  36. (Unamed mod because it got taken off of Bethesda, it just removes vampire attacks in cities though)
  37. Even Better Quest Objectives – EBQO
  38. Louder Nature – Birds and Insects
  39. Combat Sound And Attack Impact Tweaks
  40. Morrowind Music Integration
  41. Unlimited Werewolf Transformations
  42. Thralls Don't Groan
  43. My Spells Are Safe (removes npc dialogue of "That spell looks dangerous, keep your distance")
  44. Divine Conjuration Audio Sound (changes conjuration spell sound)
  45. Rain and Snow FX
  46. Atronach Amulets (gives the player atronach particle effects when worn)
  47. Weightless Potions And Poisons
  48. Weightless Dragon Bones and Scales
  49. Crafter's storage (chest with all smithing materials)
  50. Craftable Everything: Special Edition (PS4)
  51. Craftable Everything: Dawnguard Special Edition (PS4)
  52. Craftable Everything: Dragonborn Special Edition (PS4)
  53. Humanoid Vampires – Vampires use normal faces and Serana's eyes variant PS4
  54. Various Dragons (adds more unique appearances to dragons)
  55. Race Menu Any Time
  56. Character Editor – All In One Customization Pack 57-66 Re-color Project mods by Cyan49 (mods that change the colors of armor, weapons, and jewelry. Like darker ebony weapons and armor for example)
  57. Tweaked Arrows and Bolts – Sniper Edition (makes arrows and bolts fly faster and farther basically)
  58. VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE
  59. Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul
  60. Realistic Conversations (PS4) (makes npc's more realistic when talking like they don't randomly tell you a story when you walk past them)
  61. Guard Dialogue Overhaul (PS4)
  62. Dense Grass (PS4) (disabled for now)
  63. Julihah's Dirt Replacer – Roads, Grass, Snow – Landscape Overhaul (new, don't know how well it works yet)
  64. WATER – Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux
  65. RecyclR (binds weapons and shields to corpses so you can loot a body that's too far if their gear is near you, also makes corpses and dungeons reset faster)
  66. Underwater Grass Deleted PS4
  67. Insignificant Object Remover
  68. TLS FPS Motherload PS4 (basically removes wind from trees and grass)
  69. Skyrim Is Windy (PS4)

The number list auto corrects itself past where I list the Re-color mods so I can't change that.

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