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Reaching Smithing 100 [GUIDE]

TheElderScrolls2 - Reaching Smithing 100 [GUIDE]


This is actually my first time playing Skyrim but I think I've done so much research that I'm justified in making this guide kinda based on personal experience while levelling up my own smithing.This is gonna be a long post so read at your own risk ig.

First, the method I'm suggesting is making gold jewellery from gold ingots which I think is the best method but crafting Dwarven bows seems to be another viable method which I'm not gonna go into because I've personally not used it since I invested only in the Light Armor side of the Smithing skill tree.

Before going into the actual process I'm listing some quests and rewards that you might wanna check out so as to enhance and hasten your Smithing journey.

Completing the Lost to the Ages quest gives you the Aetherial Crown which enables you to use 2 standing stone abilities at once so you can use the Warrior Stone and the Lover Stone at once.

Completing the Unfathomable Depths quest gives you the Ancient Knowledge effect which increases your Smithing by 15%.

Any sleeping bonus that you get can give you either a 5%, 10% or 15% bonus to your Smithing XP gain. You need to unequip the Aetherial Crown before sleeping to get both the Lover's Stone and Sleeping Bonus.

Having all this gives you a potential increase of 65% to your Smithing XP gain .

Another useful reward is the Prowler's Profit effect which is gotten from the No Stone Unturned quest.This gives you a practically unlimited supply of gems to increase the value of your smithed jewellery.


Now onto the actual method. A lot of people suggest going to Halted Stream Camp to get tons of iron ore and also the Transmute spell which can turn all your iron ore into gold ore. This is certainly a viable method if you are a Mage character with a lot of magicka but when you don't have a lot of magicka this is a bit tedious since the magicka cost is quite large. You could wait an hour to refill it but honestly this was a little boring for me.

What I recommend you do is go to Kolskeggr Mine near Markarth and mine gold ore directly. A run of Kolskeggr Mine gives you exactly 54 gold ore and 2 goldingots which is equal to 58 gold ore as opposed to Halted Stream Camp which actually gives you 52 iron ore + 1 silver ore which is equal to 53 gold ore. There is a difference of 5 ore not to mention the time saved by not transmuting. Obviously, Kolskeggr Mine is a bit more difficult as its inhabited by forsworn and there is a Briarheart at the end but it's nothing you can't handle.

Smelt the ore into ingots and make any type of jewellery with them. If you have gems you should use them in Smithing because they add a lot of value and thus give more XP. This is where the Prowler's Profit comes in handy.

A small tip: If you don't want to wait for 30 days for the mine to respawn you can use the console code resetinterior KolskeggrMine01 to respawn the mine. Console players I'm sorry 😛

I really hope you benefitted from this and I know it's a bit too long but I wanted to go into a little detail. This is my first guide for Skyrim so any corrections are welcome.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this is also really useful if u wanna level your enchanting since it gives you a lot of items to enchant.

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