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Realistic assumption of what the next game will be (setting, story, etc)

TheElderScrolls9 - Realistic assumption of what the next game will be (setting, story, etc)

I know it’s way to early to make speculation about the next game but all I see is how the next game will be highrock and Hammerfell and fighting the Thalmor. Let’s be real, the game hasn’t even begun development and I know everyone is excited for the game but it’s years away and the story won’t be just fighting the Thalmor.

The next location of the game will probably be Hammerfell and a small chance to be highrock but not both. Sure, the lore size of them together is about the size of cyrodiil but size doesn’t matter in TES games. The games are about interaction with the world, not having a big world and I would rather have a better developed world that is smaller but has much to do than a massive world with very little content in it. TES games since morrowind have been in one province and while highrock could appear as a dlc, it isn’t possible to have it in the base game because nobody wants a daggerfall 2. Lore size, Tamriel is much bigger so there is a possibility the games can be a little bigger to be faithful to the lore. Also Bretons lore wise are the most boring race and redguards are super interesting.


Now regarding the Thalmor. In is no question that they were underused in Skyrim and they feel like they will have a bigger opportunity in the next game but seeing them as the next big villain would be lazy and bad writing. I’m not saying they won’t appear in the next game, they could appear as a faction, joinable or as enemies, or at the bare minimum be mentioned but the next villain/ villans will be new or haven’t been used in previous games. Also there are theories going around that it will be a last stand against the Thalmor or a second Great War but let’s be realistic, if that were to happen, it would either be in summerset or maybe cyrodiil and although redguards did oppose the Thalmor, you can’t destroy a faction if they send an army to a foreign desert land.

Also many reasons a game could center around the adamantine tower is a good reason to say highrock will be included as well but what if it was the orichalc tower and while the tower is deactivated, it could possible center around it, much like how Skyrim’s tower didn’t get deactivated and nothing happened to it but main plot points centered around the throat of the world and time wound. Each Game Center’s around a tower (daggerfall and numidium, morrowind and red mountain, oblivion and white gold tower, and Skyrim and throat of the world) so while there is no information about the story as of right now, the game could possibly center around the adamantine or orichalc tower.

Like I said above, this is just an assumption. It’s too early to have too much information about the next game and it will be a while longer before it comes out, probably 2025 at the least.

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