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Regarding the narrative continuity in the region quests … (mild plot point spoilers)

TheElderScrolls3 - Regarding the narrative continuity in the region quests ... (mild plot point spoilers)

tl;dr – Just a small rant about how major story npc's react to you in certain parts of the story despite having already quested with you in the past. Not really a complaint, per se … just found some of it jarring

So, let me start out by saying I love the game … it's the first fantasy mmo that has kept me around past level 30. WoW, EQ, DAoC, EQ2 … I've tried a lot of fantasy mmo's and found them severely lacking in narrative and game flow and overall fun, which kind of sucked because sword and sorcery fantasy is my jam. I had experience with the single player ES games, so I gave this one a try around the time Morrowind dropped (thanks to a Humble Bundle, admittedly) and started out with a Warden, which probably wasn't the best idea, and I lost interest because I didn't know what I was doing and was playing a new class that guides didn't exist for yet. But I came back for Summerset and Elsweyr and off a whim started up a necro even though I was never drawn to magic class characters. But I've had a blast with my necro since I started her, and decided I would level her up through the region story quests since I hadn't actually been through them all.

The rocky start came when I made my necro a Breton, but got dropped in Elsweyr to start instead of Daggerfall. Since I'd just done those quests with my warden, I figured I could race through them to kickstart the leveling on my necro and then move on. That went okay, and I ended up just heading into Grahtwood to start the original quests. Besides, I like Ayrenn and Raz and I was eager to play their stories again. I worked my way through Aldmeri, then managed to find myself going through the Ebonheart quests … and finally I found my way home to Daggerfall.

So now I have three leaders of three different factions all just pleased as peaches with me, and the end of the Ebonheart quests is when I get the call to set up the meeting for Coldharbor. I figure sweet, I get to have my buddies all in one place, but as soon as I step out of the portals to see Ayrenn and Jorunn, they immediately treat me like chopped liver.


I get that I'm a representative for a faction the other two are basically at war with, but still … these people don't have a faction to rule over if it wasn't for the fact I stepped in and handled their business for them. I've fought gods and saved gods and cheerily said "Sure thing, boss!" to every asinine little task they sent me on ("You just single-handedly won an important battle for me against a Daedric prince. You're my favoritest person in existence and you are to be hailed as a hero of the land wherever you go. Could you deliver some mail for me now?"), and the best I get is "You're lucky I don't have my guards kill you where you stand for even bothering to show up."

I get that it's probably because I was supposed to start with the Daggerfall missions, then set up the meeting, and then go to the other regions, but it's just pretty jarring that characters that I spent days pulling out of one fire or another don't have the option to at least remember I exist when I show up on their doorsteps. Before the necro, I started a high elf in Summerset and ran into Raz, who was set to know he hadn't met me yet with the character I was playing and his dialog reflected it, while he did remember my warden and necro. It just seems that there could have been a separate dialog option in important scenes where the npc remembers whether or not they already like you. Something as simple as "I know you have done a great service for me in the past, but you're approaching me as a representative of my enemy" instead of "Reach fer tha sky, varmint!" to explain away the hostility would have been significantly less jarring for the immersion.

I've been enjoying the story so far (well, except for having to drag my necro through the Alik'r Desert missions … those were awkward and uncomfortable to say the least, what with the "Death to all necros" stance they had firmly taken and openly discussed around me), and I know for most people it's just a small thing, but I'll admit my necro's feelings were a little hurt when she got smacked down with all the hostility after everything she'd done for them.

Still love the game, though.

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